There is a day for everything, but I could not let this one slip by unnoticed.

MAY 31st is national speak in complete sentences day. I think this means writing in complete sentences, too.

I know I’m a day ahead of the official schedule, but since tomorrow is also Memorial Day, so I thought I’d jump ahead. You don’t mind, do you?

I’m not sure most people know what a complete sentence should look like. What parts it should contain. Most of the people with whom I interact — not on WordPress where we have a shockingly high level of people who understand grammar and punctuation — but the rest of the world where no one knows what an adverb is or why they should avoid their overuse.

What’s a clause anyway?

How could they know what an adverb is when they don’t know what a verb is either? For that matter, they don’t know what are an object, subject, clause, or the difference between a semi-colon and a comma. Okay, that’s a tough one, so I’ll skip that one.

Imagine if, for one day, everyone used complete sentences! What if we used proper punctuation, used semi-colons

Let us, for one moment, imagine what would happen if we all turned off auto-correct? What if most of the things we wrote were what we truly meant to say and not what we think everyone wants us to say?

Okay, let’s not get carried away.

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12 replies

  1. I wonder how many people know how to parse a sentence these days!


  2. Excellent. trying not to ad verbs, but love Santa clauses; My Autocorrect automatically turns itself off. A complete sentence. Thx for encouraging me 2 say; what I really wanted say,


  3. As an English teacher, I have been aware of glaring grammatical mistakes in newspapers,television shows, and in people’s speech. I just automatically correct them in my mind. Sometimes in their speech if they ask me to do so. I consider proper use of English as respect for our language and for the people addressed. I also recognize that we often adjust our language to the level of our audience. However, I learned a lesson from one of my college students. I was called on to talk to a class of remedial students. My student sat in on the class and said to me afterward, “i could tell you were choosing your language. Don’t. Talk to them the same way you do to us. Make them reach.” She was absolutely right.


  4. IDK, Marilyn. So many people write the way they txt. 😉


  5. You have a special day for everything in the USA!


  6. Wots yer point;

    On a serious note, thanks for pointing this out. I would’ve never known.


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