A Photo a Week Challenge: Circles on Circles

Circles on circles and many circles along the way. I put everything in a circular frame, just to keep the theme going.

Bicycle – Photo: Garry Armstrong
More circles – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Red restored antique truck at Hannaford. Eight circular tires on one rather small truck.
Definitely circles

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    • Thanks. Garry is very big on circles, especially (for some unknown reason), bicycles.

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      • I was in a circle mood that day. The bicycle foreground shot reminded me of a Sam Peckinpah scene in “The Wild Bunch”. He had a huge insect (spider?) in the foreground and “The Wild Bunch” guys in the background, planning their next caper. Laughton did the same kind of thing in “Night of the Hunter” — insects/owls in foreground — in the background, the two kids fleeing for safety in a rickety boat going down river. I steal from the masters!


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