CMMC – June Close Up or Macro

I do a lot of macros and closeups. Probably most of my work these days is one or the other, probably because I’m shooting indoors and it’s either birds of flowers. The first two pictures are starlings.

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  1. Congratulations! I have selected your post to be featured on CMMC.

    CMMC – June Color – Yellow

    I sure hope you week has been wonderful.


  2. This little chipmunk looks happy.


  3. Marilyn, you have some fantastic close ups for this week. 😀 😀


  4. Those starlings are such pretty birds. I’ve not seen any of them down here in Florida. Your little chipmunk buddy looks very well fed, Marilyn. Look at those cheeks!!


    • Until I started taking pictures of them, I didn’t realize what pretty birds they are. They just look like black birds until you get a better look at them. When they are in the light, they glow! And as for the chipmunk, he used to come up, stuff those cheeks, go to wherever he was stashing the seeds, then come back and do it again. He would do it all day long.

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  1. CMMC – June Color – Yellow – Cee's Photo Challenges

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