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Coming this summer, my favorite late wild summer flowers — the Black-eyed Susan. Are these daisies or asters? I always assumed they are wild daisies.

75-AugFlowers-NK_ 16

And the answer? Well, really — both.

Rudbeckia hirta, commonly known as Black-Eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy or Yellow Oxeye Daisy is a cheerful, widespread prairie plant that has spread far from it’s original semi-desert home and can be found all over North America. It belongs to the Asteraceae family. So it began as a kind of aster and has become a very popular and usually wild daisy. You can find them all over New England, wherever there’s an empty field, these gorgeous yellow daisies will grow. They don’t look lazy to me.

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  1. You have such great gardens, Marilyn–so much color. I remember a million years ago, my mother used to buy Lazy Daisy perfume for me from Avon.


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