FOTD – June 6 – The Newest Orchid

Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of getting our deck (finally) repaired, Garry said he had an important errand that could not wait. And off he went. It turned out the important errand was buying me a new orchid. He had spotted them a couple of days ago and wanted to buy one before they disappeared. I’m not sure what his inspiration was, but it’s a beautiful plant and quite different than any of the others I have.

A natural (no processing) photograph
Another natural show. I love the color!

My display table is getting a bit crowded. Right now, it’s okay because half my plants are out on the deck, but when they come inside, they will all be bigger, so everything will be even more crowded. How exactly I will be able to give them light is going to require creativity. Maybe I can put up glass shelves? They have to be glass so light can pass through them — or maybe plexiglass. The problem is, I’m really short. It’s hard for me to water plants that are not at table level.

I need another window. The only other window that is big enough for plants and gets reasonable light is the picture window in the living room window. I’m not sure how I could make that work. I’d need a long, narrow table which could sit behind the sofa by the window. Just wide enough for the plants because people sit on that sofa — and it’s the Duke’s “lounging” space. Ideas are welcome!

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  1. Glorious! Oh, the power of a posie… Awesome errand, Garry.

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  2. Although I know nothing about cyclamens, I did notice the leaves are not orchid-like at all. Anyway, it was a lovely surprise and I hope you can enjoy it for many seasons!


  3. It does look like a cyclamen. They don’t like heated rooms. Over here they flower from May to about November then die back. I’ve read that “florist cyclamen” are like annuals but that if you put them in a dark cupboard for about 3 months they will grow back. I managed to get two or three seasons out of one that way but sadly the new one I just got did not like the heat in the living room and I don’t think I’m going to be able to save it. I’d always kept them in my unheated kitchen in the old house and they grew very well.

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    • Not an orchid? Well, it is blooming like crazy right now. I will look it up. Garry thought it was an orchid, and I know they come in all kinds of shapes, but if it’s a cyclamen, I’ll have to see if I can keep it alive. I keep everything in the dining room which is very cool in the winter, but it’s summer and it’s warm, even with some air conditioning. Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure it wouldn’t survive our winter, but it might survive outside in the fall before winter comes. After that, it would have to come inside or get buried in snow.

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  4. That sounds like an admirably important errand, Marilyn, what a sweet thought. Your new orchid is a real stunner, and you’ve captured it beautifully. Enjoy it in all its glory. 🙂


  5. I’m positive that’s a Cyclamen. Don’t overwater it! It emerges from a bulb in the middle of the pot. LOL I should know I took one apart after the bulb rotted UGH!
    The growth (All of it) grows from the middle of the bulb. The roots extend from the bottom middle of the bulb! ODD YES! lol
    If you water the bulb…….Uh Oh!!!

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