At the end of last summer, I was ready to dispose of my fuchsia. I always hate doing it because they are such lovely plants and I love growing them. This one was coming back from having been nested in by a pair of Mourning Doves. It got broken into a lot of pieces. I nursed it back to some kind of health. Just about when it was getting healthy, the weather turned cold and it was doomed.

Last year’s fuchsia is back

Owen wanted to know why I couldn’t take it inside for the winter. I said I never knew anyone who was able to nurse a fuchsia through the winter. He said he wanted to try.

He did it. It has produced four flowers so far. It’s a little pale and probably needs some fertilizer and maybe a new pot and fresh earth. But it’s alive and making flowers. Definitely a little miracle.

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  1. Every spring I head to the greenhouse for annuals and pick up a couple to make a hanging plant, and always think of you. It makes me smile to think you’d enjoy it too.


  2. this is so beautiful and delicate


  3. That’s amazing! Instead of doing it the same way we’ve always done it, Owen tried a different way. I love that.


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