One of the things I’ve noticed watching streaming rather than networks is the quality of the shows is better. Maybe it’s just the shows we’ve watched recently. For all I know, the rest of the shows are terrible.

So far, though, the scripts are sharper. Lady detectives wear flats and everyone is appropriately dressed for the weather. Even while visiting alternate universes.

Our big entertainment winner for this year is “The Good Fight.” It’s a lawyer show based on “The Good Wife” which starred Juliana Margulies. That was a good show too. It was on CBS for 7 years. “The Good Fight” has a chunk of the same cast, minus Juliana Margulies but starring Christine Baranski. It picks up a year after the previous fictional firm closed.

It is political and liberal, but not necessarily what you expect. Weirdly different, often hilarious and intermittently scary while being funny. At the same time. A hard act to pull off, especially while remaining sharp and witty. The script doesn’t get dull. The writers stay on track. There are four streaming years. Year five begins June 24th, two weeks from now. I can hardly wait.

The show comes at politics from a different angle. It isn’t always easy figuring out who the good people are because they aren’t always as good as they should be and sometimes, they roam pretty far from my idea of good — although bad stays about as evil as you’d expect.

The first show in the series is called “The Inauguration,” and is in fact the inauguration of Donald Trump. It proceeds from there. Along with “Picard” — seasons two and three are already in production — “The Good Fight” has been our favorite show this year. I’m glad it will be back soon.

I need it.

In the interim, we’re watching “Instinct.” Which is better than I expected. And, of course, baseball. For some reason, the Red Sox are winning. How did that happen?

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  1. I’ve watched a season or so of “The Good Fight” I think Amazon Prime had it. I had watched “The Good Wife” so thought I would probably like it and I did although I haven’t watched it for a while. I haven’t started watching “Picard” yet. What I am really looking forward to is another season of “The Orville” I hope that happens soon.
    I guess that we are lucky that we can choose whatever ISP we want as long as their infrastructure reaches our area. The local authorities have nothing to do with it thank goodness. We have a lot of ISP’s but only three have the infrastructure. Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone. The others buy bandwidth from one of them. In Sisters Beach because we are geographically isolated and have a lot of trees and hills about reception is poor. I wanted to get away from Telstra to another provider who uses Optus cables but unfortunately their mobile phone coverage just didn’t work so I had to go back to Telstra for that and decided to keep with them for internet coverage for now because as we don’t have good TV reception either we stream everything.
    Still, I get all the data I need plus a landline phone connection for $75 a month so that’s not too bad. Maybe one day we’ll get better coverage from the other providers and I will have a bit more choice.


  2. What streaming service are you watching these on?


    • Both of the shows I mention here are on Paramount Plus which used to be CBS All Access. We watched a lot of stuff on Disney during the lockdown — a couple of Superman offshoots (a couple of them pretty strange) — the Mandalorian until they ran out of shows, though I’m assuming it’ll be back soon since I know it’s in production. We dumped Netflix because we hardly ever watched it. We’ll pick it back up when they have something on we are interested in seeing. We have HBO Max which we watch when they have a new movie showing, plus John OIiver, TCM (old movies that Garry loves and I don’t love nearly as much).

      Starz is Garry’s favorite because they have all the old westerns he can’t find anywhere else. TCM has some of them too. Garry’s ALWAYS searching for old westerns and old western TV series from the late fifties — which I also watched, but I’m five years younger so we have different viewpoints. BOTH of us can sing all the theme songs, including the rarely heard “Sugarfoot.”

      Baseball and other sports is all FUBO which is dedicated to covering every known sport. They are the ONLY streaming channel that carries Red Sox games. If it weren’t for the Red Sox, we probably wouldn’t bother with FUBO-TV, but an addiction to sports is big deal and honestly, that was the reason I picked them up. They aren’t nearly as good on news as I would like, but they have every sport you can imagine as well as a lot movies and TV series. Sports addicts pay a lot of money to see games and the leagues have made it difficult to see your own home games

      The big winners have been Paramount Plus, HBO Max, and Disney, in that order. The great thing about streaming stations is the lack of contracts. When you run out of shows in which you’re interested, you can turn it off and sign up again when the shows you like (or new shows) come back. Usually at a discount because they really want you back. It’s nice NOT to be locked into contracts. It really isn’t cheaper anymore because Spectrum/Charter has raised their basic Wi-Fi prices so that JUST Wi-Fi (with no TV at all) costs more than it used to cost for their entire schedule. They are also a really pathetic ISP, but we don’t have a choice. Out here in the country, you get whatever your town signs up for with no choice at all. It is VERY frustrating.


  3. Ooh, the good fight sounds right up my alley, thanks!


    • We loved it. We watched it slowly — NO MORE than 2 shows per night to make it last longer. Otherwise, we would have zoomed through the entire series in a single weekend. We managed to make four seasons last a whole month — a record. The new year starts soon, so I think we may watch the first four years for a second time before we watch the fifth year. It’s a memorable series and I remember pretty much every show, but it was SO well written and so intelligent, it’s worth another go-round.

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