Among the many pictures I downloaded today were almost 300 pictures of a Red-bellied Woodpecker. They were clearly taken on different days. The light was entirely different and the woodpecker was in different places — at least three different locations.

A chatty Red-Bellied Woodpecker
He looks like he has a brand new scarlet haircut!
I love the powerful claws on this bird

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  1. Beautiful images of the woodpecker. I was looking to see if you did bird weekly last week for spots, freckles and stripes. This post would have worked perfect for it. I’m late doing the round up after my surgery yesterday. πŸ™‚


    • I never found your post. I was looking for it, too. Can you send me a link? I don’t know why so much of my mail isn’t showing up, but maybe it’s the sheer volume and things are just getting buried. If I don’t go in every day at least twice to empty out news bulletins, advertisements, and spam, I will have at least 300 emails before dinner.

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      • I don’t pay attention to the emails. I have a dry erase board set up with all the challenges and the day they are for. I go visit those hosts on the day the post is set or if they have a page like mine, I visit that to get the challenges ahead of time. πŸ™‚ Sorry for the late reply but I haven’t been feeling good enough to get on the blog. πŸ™‚


  2. They’re stunning pictures, Marilyn. What a gorgeous little chap. That’s one thing I envy you about living where you do – the wildlife gems that you get to capture so beautifully on camera right there in your garden. It must keep you amused for hours – I know it would me. And it’s so therapeutic spending time in nature and with the wildlife. I love this little guy’s bright scarlet head, and those markings on his wings are crystal clear. Thanks for getting my day off to a great start. πŸ™‚

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    • We have a chipmunk who has decided to move into one of the flat feeders. Almost any time during the day, I can see his little striped head. The birds try to scare him away. Nope, not moving. Today, I finally went outside. Instead of running, he hunkered down into the feeder, so I tipped the feeder. I stood there — eye-to-eye — literally inches away. And he STILL wouldn’t move. Garry was in the kitchen laughing.

      Finally, I shook the feeder and with great reluctance, he left. They aren’t afraid of us. Somewhere in their little heads they’ve figured out we aren’t going to hurt them. I swear, they LAUGH at us. Little birdy, squirrelly, chipmunky laughter at these funny humans.

      It is great having them around, but it would be nice if they took directions better πŸ˜€

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      • How absolutely wonderful! I’d give anything to have an interaction like that. It does make me laugh too when little wild creatures appear to be so mischievous. Even if he was a bit cheeky, it must have been awesome to be so up-close and personal with a chipmunk. πŸ˜€


        • Chipmunks are VERY cheeky. At one point, before the bobcats ate them for dinner, we had a lot of them and they used to gather at the end of the driveway and chatter at us. For something that weighs in at about 7 ounces, they have a lot of nerve.

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          • Love it – animals with attitude. I wonder what they though they were saying to you! I did have a cheeky squirrel come up to me and swipe a chunk of chocolate from my hands in a park once, so I guess that’s kind of cheeky too – but I loved it! πŸ˜€


      • Is Woody wearing a hair piece? Looking good!


  3. These really are amazing pictures, Marilyn. A beautiful bird.


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