I keep opening cameras and taking out cards, discovering hundreds of pictures I’ve forgotten to download. Today I downloaded almost three hundred pictures from early June that I forgot I’d taken with a bunch from late May — even further back in my memory.

It rained all day today and most of the day before, but I think if the sun comes out tomorrow, we will start to see more day lilies. We had three blooming yesterday. I didn’t go out today — too wet — but I will take a camera out tomorrow and maybe I will get something good.

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  1. I love Rhododendrons. I don’t see them much here in the midwest. I miss seeing them and the mountain laurel of the Blue Ridge mountains. Beautiful shots.


  2. Beautiful rhodies 😀


  3. So I actually do dump my photos onto my computer, but then I never look at them 😉 I think I have over 1000 photos I’ve taken this year sitting there, waiting for me to go through…


    • Me too. I stopped shooting as much recently because I have such a huge backlog. I’m also getting a little better at deleting pictures I know I won’t use. You know — the just a little to blurry or just a bit out of focus. Or too dark, too bright, too much shadow in the wrong places. It still leaves me with probably also at least 1000 pictures I on which I haven’t even done a batch rename. I don’t even remember where they all ARE because they go back months … possibly years.


      • I do a good job at organization – I have a top level folder per camera, then under them a folder for each year and then, within the year folder, I create a new folder named for the date I create it and drop everything into that folder. I try to instantly delete off of the camera so I don’t get duplicates, but there are tons of duplicates anyway… As I work on the photos, I create a subfolder from the date folder called “Good” and put worked photos there. If I am going to use them on the blog, I make a smaller copy and put them in a subfolder of the “good” folder called “web”. So, yeah, I get a bit anal with my photos and it is the only thing in my life that is organized 😉


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