Pictures from our friend Ben who lives in Phoenix where it is 115 degrees. This was his view of the sun the other day. He was able to point his camera right at the sun to get this shot. It has been a complete drought and there’s a lot of dust and dirt in the air.

Photo: Ben Taylor

These days, when I look at a weather map of the U.S., they show the “hot spots” in bright red. It looks like the map is going to catch fire and burn up. I’m hoping that heat wave doesn’t arrive here. Anything can happen with the weather these days.

The world just keeps getting hotter and dryer — except where it’s flooding, of course.

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  1. The dust and dirt is the result of the wildfires we are experiencing in California, and right here in Arizona. Draught brings problems and we are having a few. Ground water is being compromised, due to diminishing river and lake sources, causing sinkholes around the Southwest.., sometimes swallowing up whole houses. We all have some kinda “thing” whether it’s hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, freezing cold, or in our case, scorching heat. The earth will not let us forget that she is only allowing us to live here, and if we abuse her, she’s got a few surprise moves of her own.

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    • I think that “thing” is climate change. It’s affecting us too in different ways. At least it is raining in a more or less normal way, but plant growth has gone totally out of control. I’ve never seen growth like this before. It’s crazy. and bizarre. AND we’ve been invaded by strange plant species from Asia.


    • Ben, your last sentence says it all. This is more than a cautionary tale even for those naysayers about climate change.

      It sounds hellacious being outside for just a few minutes.

      Please stay safe and COOL.

      BTW: It’s still a WONDERFUL photograph – despite the ominous context.


  2. It’s hot here today too, but it rained last night, so it isn’t nearly as bad as it would be had it not rained. We are actually getting more or less normal summer rains this year. They aren’t super-heavy, tropical rains. More like the rain I remember as a kid when after a hot summer’s day, you just knew it was going to rain. IF this keeps up through the summer, we may finally break the 10-year drought. When we were down by the river a week ago, it was very low — the lowest level at which I’ve seen it this time of year. We just need it to KEEP raining.

    So far, so good! I wish for rain for everyone, especially out west where it has been bone dry and these intense temperatures are not helping. May the rain clouds spread and water the earth!

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    • Marilyn, we are doing okay in contrast to those folks in the Southwest and West. I guess we just temper our complaints, eh?


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