It has been a hot summer and it only just began. With the way things are shaping up, I think we can safely say it will be hot, possibly the hottest summer ever that we know about. Although the number of days doesn’t change from year to year, it will feel longer. It already feels longer and it’s just June.

According to the calendar, summer only began yesterday. Meteorologically, it started June 1st. No matter how you count it, it has been hot. We’ve had long hot stretches of exceptionally hot weather with intermittent breaks. But when you look at a national weather map, it’s so red it looks as if it’s about to burst into flames.

Friends in even hotter places — Arizona, California and the whole southwest — are staying inside until the sun goes down and stores are staying open later so people can get their errands done without venturing into the midday sun.

If you were ever in doubt about climate change, it would be hard to deny it these days. Unless, of course, you are a politician being paid off by corporations who make their money polluting the air and water and helping to heat up the earth. I’m sure they figure they won’t have to answer to the world they’ve made because they are rich. Can’t money buy you anything?

Well, yes, to a point, if what you want is for sale.

It won’t buy rain or cool down an overheated planet. Nor will it make you live longer if you catch a fatal disease. Money will buy you things. It won’t buy you — anyone — a life or make your personal corner of Earth more breathable. The power to do that is far above anyone’s pay grade.


What’s one question you wish more people asked you?

I can’t think of a specific question I’d like to hear. I would like to hear more people ask “why” with far fewer rants. I would like to hear questions that have answers and hope that the asker will hear the answer and make room for the information. That the question isn’t rhetorical and the answer irrelevant.

So many people are walking around with minds made up based on zero knowledge. They apparently were born knowing everything except they know nothing that is real.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. It’s just ignorance.

Do you like eggs?  What’s your favorite way to have them served?

I don’t hate eggs, as long as I make them myself. My mother, who was a really bad cook, made the worst eggs ever and although she passed away almost 40 years ago, I still feel a bit nauseated remembering the way she made eggs.

Thoughts on scary movies?

I hate horror movies or at least modern horror movies. I like the old ones, when Godzilla had “Goodyear” stamped on his butt and the Wolfman was a deadringer for Gibbs, our Scottish Terrier.

The modern, recent ones are graphic and gory. I find them not so much scary as repulsive. I won’t watch them. I hate anything with graphic violence or torture. If I can’t escape the showing of the movie, I will leave the room. I think I’m at an age and stage in life where I just don’t have to put up with that kind of crap anymore.

Do you believe in Karma?

I would like to believe in Karma. I think it’s a fantastic concept. It’s just that in reality, I have not seen it doing its job. I have not seen bad things happen to bad people. More often, I’ve seen bad things which crush good people.

So in theory, I believe in Karma. But really? It’s right up there with dying and going to heaven. I want it to be true. I just doubt very much that it is.


We have had some rain. Not enough, but some. If it continues the way it has gone, we might make up for some of the decade and a half of drought we’ve had. The rivers are low. I’d like to see some water coming back. Water is the bottom line of existence for everything living, whether it is a plant or an animal. Without water, nothing livese.

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  1. “Question”: Do you believe In God?
    “Eggs”: Most any way.
    “Scary Movies”: Never watch ’em.
    “Karma?” I know it. Very well.
    “Gratitude”: Opens a ton of doors.


  2. I live near San Francisco which is famous for chilly summers, however we’re just coming out of a heat wave and it looks like another one is about to hit. It’s frightening.


    • I remember spending a couple of months in SF on a work project and having to go and buy sweaters in July because it was so cool. I also remember when Oregon was famous for so much rain. It wasn’t that long ago, either. Things are changing awfully fast.


  3. Last week several temperature records were broken day after day. We even had a couple of all-time high records broken (not just the record for the day). Coming before the summer solstice, that is rather scary when viewed in the perspective of the upcoming summer!


    • Here too. It hit 100 or more several days — and it was just late May or early June. There are little wildfires everywhere. So far, none of gotten out of control, but this part of the country is 70% trees or more, so if it gets bad enough, it will be catastrophic.

      At least we have had a bit of rain. It is the first time we have had rain in the summertime in years and we have also had a lot LESS snow, so we don’t have the melting snow to feed the aquifer. We really are killing our world.


  4. Looks as though you’re having the kind of abnormally hot summer we had over here a few years ago. I feel for you, as I know I find it hard to function when it’s really hot. Fab photos, as always, though, especially that one of the boat in the harbour. Very well said on climate change and the villains who are so industriously contributing to it. They’ll pay the price in the end, as their money won’t save them from the wrath of nature when the Earth finally decides it’s had enough of the human parasite. I second your thoughts entirely. What’s needed now is a big dose of true karma applied to the polluting politicians and business tycoons! 😀


    • I don’t even remember a few summers back. I know we had one very cool summer, but exceptionally dry where it was lovely, cool, and DRY with NO rain during May or June and very little until September. Somewhere in between I just plain don’t remember. I think the last years I remember are 2018-2019 and then it’s all strange and lacking anything going on to make the months. I suppose that’s what being indoors does. Everything seems the same. Only the changes in the birds and flowers made things different. This year, I’m gradually emerging, though I’m two years older (but 15 pound thinner). I suspect that the long “rest” of 2020 wasn’t very interesting, but it was probably what I needed to heal piece of me that had never been properly healed. I’ve always been very pushy about getting back to life even when my body was screaming “HEAL, BITCH.”

      But this summer, the world is hot. It’s broiling hot all over North America and many parts of Europe that are not normally terribly hot. They don’t even own A/C because they don’t usually need it. The heat wave seems to be stopping somewhere around the Canadian border. Maine and other New England northern states are more or less normal, but New Hampshire and south are very hot OR very nasty and cold, depending on the week you ask. Out west, it looks as if they are going to go up in flames and not just in California, either. The smoke from California is affecting the air in Arizona and New Mexico and probably other states. It’s ugly and it’s hard to believe that anyone who has a family can continue to push the world down this slope to disaster. Don’t they know that their kids and grandchildren will be living in a world without air or rain? They claim to “love their families” and it’s “All about family values.”

      WHAT values? Going to church on Sunday? Is that it? I get that we are going to feel the pinch of a changing economy, but isn’t that better than not having a livable world? What is WRONG with these people? Have they no concept of “the long term” or is everything “now, now, now.”

      Never have I been more glad that I won’t be here to see how this mess turns out. I want to believe that good will come from it, but I’m not seeing it. Especially not in THIS country.

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      • I couldn’t agree more, Marilyn, I despair of these people myself. Goodness knows what’s wrong with them, but there is clearly something deeply flawed in their psyche. I’m quite glad that neither of my kids are likely to have kids of their own, as I can see everything going pear-shaped in the not-so-distant future, and not just in your country.


  5. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing not only Your World, but knowledge and wisdom as well. And of course those gorgeous photos! Red sails in the sunset…. ♪♫ My mother was an awful cook as well. Given the generation those women were raised in, it’s fairly amazing that they couldn’t cook, because the idea was that the woman did the cooking. My father wasn’t great at cooking either, but he made a mean authentic Mexican taco. There are certain vegetables and combinations of food that I still can’t stomach, because the lingering memory of my mother’s version of those spoils it. It wasn’t until I met hubby that I even attempted to try some of the veggies my mother had ruined. Now hubby was a great cook. You are totally right, ignorance is not bliss, it’s simply ignorance. It’s fairly dangerous too in my opinion. I hope you get more rain, I hope we get even a little tiny bit out here. It’s so dry they’ve already begun posting fire hazard warnings, because some yahoo always goes camping and leaves their pit fire unattended and WHOOOSH we lose a bit of forest.. Have a great week and stay cool! ☺


    • I didn’t eat cabbage for years because of the way mum cooked it. I still prefer it raw in coleslaw to any other way.
      I guess this is climate change in action. every year a bit hotter and a bit longer. People try to tell us it’s just weather but it isn’t.


      • My mother hated cooking, though she liked eating. She didn’t want to cook. She wanted to sculpt, paint, sew, hook rugs, play hockey, go skiing. Cooking was so far down on the list, she only did it because there were three children who needed food. By the time we were eight or nine, ALL of us could fix some kind of edible meal and when mom said she was going to cook we ALL said “Hey, no thanks, we can handle it.” And we did. My brother and I were both good cooks. I think my sister was too, but we lost touch so long ago that I really don’t know.

        My mother believed that vegetable should be cooked until they turned into protoplasmic goop. Eggs were undercooked or burned (take you pick) and the ONLY thing she made that was edible was stewed chicken.

        I get tired of cooking, but then I remember mom and I realize that I don’t want anyone to remember my cooking like that. She was a GREAT woman, but OMG, such an AWFUL cook!

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