When ATMs first started showing up, I lived in Israel and had two young step-children. They saw the machine and were thrilled.

“It gives you money!” they said. It was simple. Go to the special place and a hole in the wall will spit out money. They had no concept of where the money came from, or that you needed an account in a bank before you could get money. As far as they were concerned, it was the magic money machine.

That’s what I want. A magic money vending machine. No account required. You want money? How much?

No problem. Press this button. Here’s your cash. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want that machine. 

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  1. My first experience of this deep magic was with a milk-vending machine when I was a kid. Not only did it pop out a packet of milk for a puzzling round piece of metal but it would amazingly get my father to hand me an ice-cream.


  2. I remember when they were new. Our parents wouldn’t use them, they preferred to go inside the bank and get their money. (We had to program the VCR for them too.) The banks closed many branches and now they are starting to take away the machines as well. There were three in Wynyard, now there are only two. We are getting closer to the cashless society.
    I wish they had been magic too though.


  3. I love the perspective of the uninitiated child!


  4. Even better than a generous parent!


    • I had to cancel the dentist. Again. I know we need work, but all we can manage is cleanings and we do pretty well with toothbrushes. I also need new lenses for sunglasses. Where is that magic money machine when we need it so badly?


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