Fandango’s Provocative Question #123

This is one of those times when I really don’t understand the question because I don’t understand the platitudes underlying the question.

I never believed that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you like someone, it makes you miss them, sometimes a lot. If you didn’t like them, their absence might well turn out to be a relief and make you less likely to want to see them again.

I didn’t get fonder of Garry when he was away. I missed his company and worried that he might get hurt flying, working in a dangerous place, work too hard and not eat enough or drink too much. I was always glad to see him. And relieved that everything was okay, that he didn’t get sick, the plane didn’t crash, and hoped he at least got something to eat.

As for familiarity breeds contempt, what the hell does that mean? Why would you get close to someone for whom you didn’t have at least a reasonable degree of respect? Why in the world would familiarity breed contempt unless it was a work relationship and you had no choice?

If indeed familiarity bred contempt, in the natural course of events, no marriage could succeed. Parents would loathe their children. Their children would hate their parents. Work would be torture because the longer you worked at a job, the more you’d dislike your co-workers and colleagues. Not to mention your boss.

Overall, familiarity has usually made me appreciate people more because I discovered they were more interesting, more talented, and often a lot funnier than I imagined.

I’ve had bosses from Hell, but most were minimally okay and some of them were wonderful folks from whom I learned an enormous amount.

If we all thought familiarity automatically conjoined with contempt, life, work, and relationships would be unbearable. Sort of like marrying Mitch McConnell or you-know-who. Now THAT would be contempt! Serious, solid, loathing.

Two sides of the same coin? Really? Surely you’re not serious.

(And DON’T call me Shirley!)

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  1. Great answer. Your logic is spot on.


  2. Lol! You are so right! About these platitudes! I never thought of them in this way until I read your post, but boy, are you right! 😀


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