For a long time, I’ve had just one chipmunk on the deck, but recently, there have been two. My guess is that if there are two, there are probably a lot more. I just would appreciate that they not all gather together on my deck. I remember when we had a lot of chipmunks and they would gather in a pack and chitter chatter at us as we got out of the car. Then the bobcats came and for a while, we had no chipmunks. Eaten by the bobcats.

These are two different chipmunks, Can you see the difference? The one with the dark strip up near his head is, I think, the male and the other is the female.

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  1. They are so cute! Another type of animal we don’t see here. I wonder if they are planning to raise their family on your deck since your girl now has a boyfriend.

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  2. The word is getting round! They really are irresistibly cute, and their markings are exquisite.


    • I’m just hoping we don’t wind up with a big tribe of them. They don’t do any harm, but they are very cheeky and tend to do a chipmunk version of yelling at you if you are on whatever they think is their territory. I think it is OUR back porch!

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  3. That last photo, especially, is primo.


  4. Aw. So adorable. I loved loved chipmunks when I was little. Still do but we don’t have them.


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