I enjoy being able to reblog posts I find well-written, particularly relevant, or amusing. The problem is I seem to have a bunch of “rebloggers” who use my posts every day instead of writing anything of their own. They come by and grab my posts to fill up their blogs — and simultaneously try to sell something. To my mind, reblogging is a way to spread humor or data that is especially interesting or unique. It isn’t supposed to replace your own blogging. I’ve tried calling these people out as spam and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. WordPress has never protected us from spamming rebloggers or “followers.” They have promised to do so, but have never done it. Realizing they are never going to fix the problem — and it’s a serious problem — finally, I removed the reblog button.

It’s under “Marketing” and it took me a while to find it!

I always felt that part of the fun of blogging is when someone has written something unique and entertaining, being able to spread the idea to other people who would enjoy it. This is a lot closer to just plain stealing other people’s posts. Having run out of other ideas, I took the button away. I hope that solves the problem!

If it were just one person, I could cope with it, but it’s a lot of them. Some days, it’s really bad. They will steal every post I publish, including material I reblogged from elsewhere. They don’t leave comments and many of their blogs aren’t not English. They are not followers or commenters. They are selling something and just need to fill up their site so they can pawn off their junk to the public. And they don’t bother to make your link available, either. Somehow, it just “gets lost.”

If anyone wants to reblog a piece, I can temporarily put the reblog button back long enough for you to collect the material.

Otherwise, the reblog button is off. These aren’t lurkers. They’re crawlers, sliming their way around WordPress stealing other people’s material.

This has been going on for a long time and I had to end it. I’m sorry if that’s an inconvenience to you. It’s the slimy thieves. You can always show an address and let whoever is interested just click the link to view the post without using a reblog and many people, I notice, already do that. I think that I’m the one who is going to find it the most inconvenient!

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  1. Marilyn great post. I removed reblogging years ago after I reblogged someone else’s post and discovered that the act or reblogging moved that poster’s photos into my own media library!! I don’t want any copyright questions about ownership of my photos and I don’t want someone else’s ginormous images depleting my own media storage. Next let’s talk about posting to Pinterest. My blog states explicitly to not pin on Pinterest but some people ignore that. I don’t want to go through rh3 trouble of DMCA take downs for well-intentioned people but when I saw someon2 with 13,000 followers on Pinterest copying my photos?? Not good. Also how is Garry’s shoulder and when are you opening your Etsy shop for bespoke manly slings? Best, Babsje


  2. oh dear…. whatever next! I realise how totally naive I am and I also never thought that ppl wd actually steal the author’s work in order to flog THEIR junk. What has our world come to 😉


  3. Even though you’ve removed the reblog button from your site, a reblog icon still shows up in the Reader on my iPhone. Just an FYI. I don’t know if it also shows up in the reader on a laptop or desktop since I use only my iPhone for WordPress.


  4. It is a shame. I like to do the occasional reblog if I read a post that I think is worth sharing but at other times I’ll post a link instead. I know of one blog about toys that is as you described, just reblogs of other people’s posts including mine. They do credit the authors but I find it a lazy way of blogging and the blog has no information about who owns it or what it is about. I haven’t seen multiple reblogs of anything I’ve written but then I only have a small group of followers so it is less likely I guess.
    Anyway I think you did the right thing.


    • I’ve got a couple who reblog EVERYTHING I post. Actually, it’s more like four or five and spamming them has not effect because there’s no protection against followers of rebloggers. One of them is in German, another is in (I think) Chinese. It’s not like they admire my writing or anything. They post without comment or context. I finally had to dump them and this was the only way i could think of.

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  5. I will continue to sneak into the vault in the middle of the night and steal “reblogs” when no one is looking. I always credit back SERENDIPITY when I do this. Since I rarely write for my blog anymore, I am usually looking at the same month a year earlier for something to reblog. I am giving something a second run in case it was missed the previous year.


  6. Too bad when people abuse a good thing.


  7. Understandable decision, Marilyn.


  8. 🤔 Unfortunately, there will always be people on WordPress who reblog other people’s work.

    And, to make things even worst, those people do not publish any blog posts of their own on their blog.

    On a positive note, the original publisher of the work gets the credit whenever their blog posts are reblogged (So, in this case, it is not all that bad).

    A lot of people have done away with the reblog button for reasons similar to yours.

    Whenever you choose to put the reblog button back on your blog, you can add a notice that states, “No reblogging allowed without the author’s permission.”

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    • I have been trying to avoid having to give permission. I really wanted this to be a free process. It’s why i don’t mind people using my pictures, though I prefer if they include at least my signature. But you’re right. They don’t write anything of their own so there’s no admiration involved. It’s just stealing. I’ll probably put the button back after a while, when I’ve lost this people.

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  9. That sounds like a good solution!


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