A Photo a Week Challenge: Unedited

As it happens, I have so more unedited than edited pictures. Recently I’ve been doing less editing. If the pictures is reasonably sharp, I crop and sign it, but that’s pretty much the extent of the editing. I was spending too much time editing and being artistic instead of letting the photograph speak for itself.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

That is the last picture of the cyclamen before it turned yellow and collapsed. I wasn’t optimistic about its long-term survival and I was right. It didn’t make it. I should have saved its pot.

I know that the reason I did not edit that canal picture was because I wanted the sky and the reflection to be the same color, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen. It was a very pretty sky and an even prettier reflection. Unedited was probably my best choice.

The Woodpecker is a little soft and the bridge is a bit too saturated. As for the cyclamen, it too is a bit soft. Shot with a macro lens, it’s not really soft. It’s just a pretty big plant. The macro lens is selective about which parts are sharp and which are “bokeh.” How a macro lens “sees” a picture is not quite how your eyes see it.

Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker. Can you see his slightly green coloring?

The Yellow-Shafted Flicker is one of the few photos I’ve gotten that shows this bird in his (red head, boy bird) more or less normal colors. You can’t see the yellow feathers unless he’s flying and you can see under his tail where the yellow feather are, and of course, he isn’t white but more of a very pale green. The flickers have me very confused and there are a couple of other birds dropping by the feeder I don’t recognize. They don’t seem to be in my book, and because I’m not sure what family they belong to it’s hard to look them up. On top of that, they are small which means they are probably juveniles (and they still have pieces of baby feathers), so their colors will probably change.

Birding can be confusing.

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  1. They are all fine photos anyway Marilyn . I like editing myself although most of it is cropping and adjusting exposures. It’s fun to do the arty stuff but I also like people to see more or less what I saw so I try not to get too carried away.
    Sorry to hear the cyclamen didn’t make it. They can be finicky plants. Mine definitely did not like being in the same room with the heater. My previous ones were in an unheated room. I don’t know what the flowering season is for them in the northern hemisphere but here they are really autumn to late spring so I’m kind of surprised that you have them at the hottest time of the year. Same time that we have them but most of our plants are opposite seasons to each other.
    I’ll probably get another one in the future but I will keep it in my bedroom which has a big window but no heating. See if that works.


    • The cyclamen doesn’t like warm rooms and there was nowhere cool to put it. I won’t turn up my air conditioning that high. I’d get a killer electric bill and it’s quite bad enough already and that’s with just four very small A/C’s — but we also have two big dehumidifiers to keep the basement dry. AND Owen has a small deep freeze and a refrigerator and then there is the washer and dryer, not to mention OUR refrigerator and the stove. Even the oil burner uses electricity to keep the fire lit. So the cyclamen was doomed from the get-go. It was looking okay, then the heat hit us and it turned yellow overnight and the next day had completely collapsed.

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      • I know what you mean. I was not prepared to sit in the cold for the sake of a plant by turning the heater off. Our living room here gets warmer in summer than the old house. The climate is milder here and the rooms have lower ceilings. At least you have your orchids.


    It’s what I’ve said all along.The sunset I sent the other day was also unedited….


    • Sometimes unedited is fine. Sometimes not so fine. For me, a lot depends on whether I can see clearly. I’m having more and more trouble seeing and depending far more than I like on autofocus. But my eyes only focus when they feel like it.


      • Quite a few, more than you realize, of the professionals use, and depend heavily on “autofocus” so don’t be ashamed. Since we both use Olympus cameras, I suggest setting your cams to do AF+M, and turn the peaking function on, set to “yellow.” It will help you when focusing, by Hi-lighting what’s in focus. Hope this helps…?


  3. Unedited but lovely photos. Thank you 😊


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