The garden grows. It has been so hot it’s hard to believe the flowers aren’t fried, but we’ve been getting a little bit of rain. I guess that keeps things growing. It’s only a five minute (sometimes even less) shower with maybe one rumble of thunder, but everything stays alive. For now. Supposedly the heat was going to break tomorrow, but now they don’t know when it will break.

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  1. My garden grows not….because of our heat wave. Everything even bushes are burnt up. The sun was too bright and hot. I adore your garden photos, keep them coming.


    • Thanks. I took a bunch early this morning, but it was already so bright and hot, I don’t think anything is going to come out clearly. I haven’t downloaded them yet. It’s over 100 degree here, too, but at least we got rain last night. It didn’t make it cooler, but it is helping keep some things green. The roses are only blooming under other growth, not where the sun is full. I’ve never seen the roses hide like that. It’s a bit strange. They are growing DOWN rather than UP. Climate change is not a myth.


  2. Lovely flowers! The heat has finally broken here — we have a thick marine layer, and potentially some thunderstorms today.


    • We haven’t gotten a lot of rain, but we’ve gotten at least some rain. We had a light rain from early evening until this morning, so everything smelled goo — but that was at 7 in the morning before the heat had fully hit. Now, it’s a good time to NOT go outside. Even the dog has declined the outside.


  3. So beautiful garden, Marilyn!


    • It’s very weedy and plants are growing rather oddly — but at least the little bit of rain is helping them from dying entirely. Also, plants are blooming that should still BE blooming. They are spring flowers and never bloom this late into the summer — and the lawn isn’t growing.

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