Last night, I spent close to an hour looking for something that was exactly where it was supposed to be. It was on the correct shelf, right in front. Nothing was hiding it. It wasn’t behind something or turned the wrong way.

I looked there — twice — and I couldn’t see it. So I looked in all the other places I might possibly have put an unopened package of medication. There’s a cupboard in the kitchen where some stuff is stored. There’s a rack in the bathroom where other supplies are kept. Otherwise, it’s either my medicine cabinet or the cabinet over the john.

I searched the kitchen thoroughly, in the process finding and tossing out several bottles and tubes of prehistoric stuff that had to be at least a decade old and which I didn’t know I still had. But, I didn’t find what I was looking for.

Finally, I began to question if the container for which I was looking existed at all. I thought I’d bought two bottles of this stuff. It’s not expensive, so I would normally buy a couple of them at a time and stash the spare in my cupboard. But maybe I only thought I’d bought a spare. Maybe there was only one.

Before tucking myself into bed, I made a final pass at the cabinet over the toilet, my default location for storing non-prescriptions medications and cosmetics. There it was. Right in the middle. Where I had looked at least three times during the past hour.,


Despite my tendency to blame it on the dogs or on supernatural wee people, I suspected my eyes had been blind to the container. In a bright yellow box.

After getting into bed, I told Garry I had spent an hour looking for something that was where it was supposed to be and where I had looked a bunch of times. He was sympathetic. “Yes,” he said, “It happens.” It’s the old “hiding in plain sight” thing.

Is it my because my eyes are refusing to see what’s there? Or is my brain temporarily unable to register information? Or maybe it really is those pesky wee brownies, fairies, and pixies messing with me.

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  1. It happens; your mind and eyes sometimes wander over and around the object you seek.

    My mind goes a few steps into the great beyond. I’ve been known to confine fully alive people to death. And I’ve never had anything to do with brownies of any kind.


  2. I just love my aspercream! I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😺


  3. How frustrating when that happens!


  4. Happens to me with items in the refrigerator. I would think my wife was messing with me except it happens to her as well. By the time we open a third ketchup, we figure we will be able to find one of them.


  5. It’s the Borrowers. But this time they put their borrowed item back again! 😉 Seriously I just think it’s a case of we’re thinking about the item so much that we literally can’t see it. Even though it’s sitting right there in front of us. I think everyone’s done that “hunt for lost item that isn’t lost” thing once or twice.


  6. the way i usually find something is to finally surrender and begin to accept that it is gone. soon after, lo and behold, it appears in front of me

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  7. This happens to me all the time, so thank you for proving I’m not going slowly mad!

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  8. Marilyn, it is definitely the fairies and pixies messing with you 😅 I am so glad to hear it’s not only me they are messing with… Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day.

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