In the shadow of a tree

The heat broke today. Yesterday it was 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 Centigrade) and today, it has dropped down into the 60s and will be almost winter by the middle of the night. It also appears it is going to keep raining all week. Since it’s another holiday week, the crazed barbecuing crowd is going berserk. The last holiday — Memorial Day — it also rained the entire weekend. That’s both summer weekends.

Everything gets old including this favorite tree

There are no more long weekends until Labor Day in September. I have to admit, I am having trouble finding genuine tragedy in an inability to burn food on the grill. There surely must be other issues more pressing, aren’t there?

At least one creature knows what to do with a tree!

I never get these on time. They come in at least 24 hours late. This one came in at 1 this morning. It must be the time change kicking in. But now that I have the link I’ll find it or I’ll just keep using the same one over and over again until another one pops up somewhere. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Usually.

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7 replies

  1. oh that second one – perfectly composed on a tree 🙂 a fabulous #TreeSquare


  2. a good story Marilyn, the year the planet changed and we were all renewed, it’s worth time on, imagine the newness, redesigning life, exciting, well, the heat is on, cheers


  3. I’m glad the weather is better. Great pics


  4. wonderful marilyn! Enjoy all the trees! And enjoy the fourth of july! xoxo


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