FOTD – July 3 – Wet Leaves

Yesterday it was 100 degrees. Today it’s 60 degrees and it has been raining for almost 24 hours. We need the rain and I’m grateful for the cold. I think despite the pain in my spine, I deal better with cold than heat.

Oak and aspen in the rain
Wet vines by the woods

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  1. Some blessed relief from the heat. I can see exactly why you’d welcome that so much. Enjoy it while it’s cool. 🙂


    • It IS a relief. It has been SO hot all over North America. Much worse in the southwest and far west. Canada, too. That’s not going to help stop the melting glacier! We’ve had what they call a “heat dome” where the heat doesn’t rise up at night so the earth can cool down. Instead, there’s a body of extreme heat in the atmosphere that turns the heat back down again.

      Also, we are getting rain. Not torrential or tropical, but regular steady rain — which is exactly what we need. With a little luck, it will keep coming and fill up the aquifer, rivers, and reservoirs! We’ve had a 10-year drought, so rain is a great thing!

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      • I’ve never heard of a heat dome – that’s worrying. Long may the rain continue then. We’re getting a fair bit of it here too!


  2. We had a week of storms and rainy days, but now it has quietened down. Temperatures are OK, no too warm, not too cold. I also prefer the cooler weather, it suits my body better.


    • Mostly, we’ve had super-heated air, around 100 or more during the day from just south of us all the way up into Canada where all this heat is going to help that glacier melt even faster. Now that this particular heat wave has broken, I’m hoping it stays broken. And the more rain, the better. We’ve been in a drought for a long time. When we were down by the river in the middle of June, it was shockingly low — the lowest I’ve ever seen it in 20 years. I’m hoping this rain help fill it up. That’s where we get our drinking water!

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  3. Never fear — it will be dry and hot again soon!


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