Like most wars, our Revolutionary War was about money and land — pretty much like every war. The money part was about taxes — especially on tea, which was very big until America discovered coffee — and who should pay what to whom. Or if.

The Colonists (us) felt we should keep all our money for ourselves.

King George disagreed.

We offered to split the difference.

George said “Hell NO!” So we had a war.

France was pissed at England anyway, so they came here with warships and troops and beat up the British. We were supposed to pay them back, but we were broke, so we didn’t. Then everyone went home and despite a minor skirmish called “The War of 1812” when the British came back and burned down Washington DC, we survived.

AP Photo/FS

AP Photo/FS

Then we had an uncivil war to end slavery, yet somehow, we didn’t end it. We just changed it a little bit and called it something else.

The rest, as we say, is history. Ugly, nasty history. I sure hope we have better luck in the future than we managed in the past because things aren’t looking so good.

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  1. Great History re-cap, should be the end remarks to a national news broadcast…


  2. The recent Orange Era was really bad, but there are a few bright moments at present. The biggest problem I see is FAUX News keeps feeding lies to the orange followers.


  3. Ouch!

    (I agree with you totally.)


    • It really bothers me that we seem to have not learned anything. In fact, it seems more like we have UN-learned anything we knew in the past. At least orange brain is not in office. But some other clown will wind up there. We aren’t done with morons for president yet.


  4. Re-blogging this. It gets right to the heart of things. A very good start indeed, too bad the ending (of the story, not your writing) hasn’t turned out so well. At least we got sort of rid of that ugly twerp who tried to be King (and didn’t he learn anything from history? Oh, right. He’d have had to learn to read (for content) first and retain it. My bad.)

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  5. It a good resumé of the war

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  1. American History – The Cliff Notes Version Courtesy of Marilyn | sparksfromacombustiblemind

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