Flying squirrels in the woods

I wish I had clearer pictures of the flying squirrels. Unfortunately, the night camera only took black and white pictures which are very grainy and sometimes so blurry as to be impossible to see anything. I did my best with them, but there were significant limits. You can see the outline of the little squirrels, but no details. They are definitely involved in trees, what with living in them, around them, and near them.

Flying squirrels and trees at night

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  1. you’ve been working your magic (and spending your time) creating again. Fabulous #Treesquare


    • We have a “night camera.” It works days too, but at night, it only does black and white and they are blurry and very grainy/noisy, so it’s impossible to get much in the way of details. There ARE better night cameras, but they cost real money, something we are lacking. Maybe at some point I’ll be able to buy a better camera. This one is supposed to be a “game” camera so you know what critters are coming out at night. That’s how we discovered we had a slew of flying squirrels and a quorum of raccoons.

      I did the best I could to make the pictures at least show the outlines of the flyers. It was a lot of creative photography. They were back this year, which is why we are only using flat feeders right now. The flyers will happily empty out a 10 pound feeder in one night. We had two of them and they emptied both of them every night. MEANWHILE, the raccoons figured out how to open the little cage in which we put the suet and they tried to steal one of the BIG suet cakes (it weighs almost three pounds!). I gave up. They also actually successfully STOLE two of our feeders — which is when I gave up on the really big feeders. Between the flying squirrels and the raccoons, they were eating 40 or more pounds of seeds a week and would have eaten more if I’d put more out. I love the flying squirrels. They are adorable and they are not especially afraid of us, either. Owen has walked right up to them and they just sit there and LOOK at him. As for the raccoons, they get very assertive if you let them. They will move right in with you if they can. They tame down nicely, but they can also open a refrigerator and take all the food out and eat it, so they do not make great indoor pets and anyway, they are illegal in this state. All wildlife is protected in Massachusetts — except mice, rats, and chipmunks. And bugs.

      I have literally thousands of flying squirrel photographs. Every night when we used the camera, it automatically took more than 400 pictures. It just snapped a pictures every time there was any movement,

      This was a $70 camera. The good ones are $300 and up. A really good one goes for $500 or more and I just can’t afford it. So I’ll have to make do with creative processing 😀 But they are fun and that bar that looks like it’s glowing is actually part of the squirrel. It’s bright pink and it glows when they fly. Weird, eh?

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