FOTD – July 5 – Daylily

It’s that time of year again. The Daylilies are everywhere. A bit late. Usually they show up in the middle of June and are winding down by now, but this year, they are blooming like crazy. Maybe they, at least, like this strange weather.

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  1. Ours have just opened! ❤


  2. What a gorgeous daylily. You had fun playing around with it 😀


    • These were taken in very bright sunlight. The only ones that came out “normal” were the closeups. All of them came out fine, but they also all look very similar to one another. I can see minor differences in angle, or how close I was but I doubt anyone but another photographer would be able to see much difference.

      Everything else was taken under our heat dome, so getting the colors normal was interesting. It turns out merely lowering brightness doesn’t do it nor does lowering saturation or, for that matter, both. Once I found a combination that worked, I used it for as many pictures as weren’t completely sun fried.

      I was surprised any were usable. I think out of nearly 100 shots, I got MAYBE half a dozen that weren’t completely burned or fried in weird places. The sun was so strong. Right now, it’s still raining and it’s cool, but I’m sure the heat will be back, so we are just enjoying NOT cooking!


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