Our “heat dome” broke and it has been raining every day since. I don’t mind the rain and I certainly don’t mind the cooler temperatures. I know the heat will be back, too, so I’m very inclined to enjoy as much of this cool, wet period as I can. I’m also grateful that the trees and flowers are getting watered.

When we were down by the river in June, the water level was very low. I’ve never seen it that low so early in the year. All these years of drought have added up. I’m hoping that the rain we are getting helps because out here, we all have wells. If the aquifer dries up, there won’t be any water for us at all. Talk about a scary prospect!

Mourning Dove in sunshine

We have had five days of rain. During three of them, it rained all day and night. It was not a huge tropical downpour, but a standard, steady rain with bursts of intensity and occasional minutes of sunshine. So it has not been a flooding event. Maybe it has been sufficient to help fill up the rivers, ponds, and streams. It has definitely been enough to make the flowers bloom and for that, I am grateful.

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?

I think it’s a beautiful, perfect chaos. No matter what the colors and shapes may be, it always comes together. It’s only when humans build something blocky, with corners and made heavily of concrete that it seems “wrong.”

What is infinity?

Infinity is any series of numbers or other sequential items that by definition cannot end. Anything numeric fits into this category. Fractions, whole numbers, and so on are obviously infinite. You can count forever and it will never end.

However, all infinities aren’t the same size. For example, an infinity of all positive number (all numbers higher than zero) is not as big as an infinity comprised of all positive and negative (minus) numbers, yet both are infinite. Wrap your brain around that. It makes my brain go all twisty.

Infinitely bad moon rising in Barnstable

Otherwise, anything that to the best of our knowledge never ends — a circle, for example — are inherently infinite, though these things may actually have an end about which we do not know.

“Infinite” is also used as an adjective by people who don’t know what it means. Sort of like “awesome.”

Does observation alter an event?

It depends on the event. If you are taking pictures of nature, I don’t your observation has any effect on it. You and maybe you’re camera, are just another piece of the scenery.

If, on the other hand, you are a member of the press crowding someone who’s trying to make a statement, announcement, or whatever, you probably are changing the event.

Do you like balloons?   


Yesterday was America’s Birthday, does your country celebrate a “Founder’s Day” or other traditions like that?

So I was born here and I “get” the 4th of July. When I lived in Israel, we observed Independence Day as the day we won the 1948 war. I haven’t lived anywhere else but since Bastille Day was also Garry’s mom’s birthday, we acknowledge it. Holidays are good.

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  1. Here in Virginia the summer forecast is the same; hazy, hot, and humid, chance of rain.


  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World, Marilyn! I’m envious of your beautiful rainfall. I BET that is so refreshing, not only to the earth and the plants, but to people. I believe our souls can get ‘parched’ too, especially during long periods of no rain. What a gift! It must feel amazing!! Great answers to the ‘hard’ questions there, you made infnity almost understandable. Even if my brain did get a bit twisty! 😉 Beautiful photography, I love that thicket of day lilies and widow’s tears and the mourning dove was gorgeous! There have been a few doves around here but they don’t seem to stay OR they don’t last long. Too many predator birds out here – hawks, falcons, owls, even the stray eagle now and then. I’m glad you enjoyed your 4th and have a great week!


    • I think because we live inside a woods, the hawks have to do a lot of dodging around trees, so we have a lot of doves. They do get eaten more often than other birds, though. We have a lot of hawks too.

      Infinity — like time travel — isn’t something we are supposed to understand. That’s probably why I like it 😀


  3. How do people celebrate in Israel? Same as everywhere with food and fireworks?


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