I put these in a challenge, but there are none at the moment where these seem to belong, so I’ll just have to post them. Taken on different days, these are really cute pictures \of a red squirrel plus a Cardinal with his best friend, a Chipper Sparrow.

The best of friends: a Cardinal pals with a little Chipper Sparrow. They hung around in the feeder together for quite a while.
Lining up to feed? Garry says they are “cereal killers.”
Garry liked this one best.
What a flirty little squirrel he is! One of the red ones, with that extra curly tail and googly eyes. And before anyone points it out, this picture was just a little too soft, so I had to make it a bit crisper. He was so cute.

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7 replies

  1. They are so cute, I Like them all, Marilyn.


  2. Wonderful pictures.


  3. These are a series of cuties!


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