The heat was back this morning. I could feel it pouring in through the window in the bedroom. We got a week off for which I’m grateful. It was also obvious that it was a respite, not the end of the heat. It’s the summer and until the end of August, is will be mostly hot, hazy, and humid because that’s the way summer is in New England.

Springtime tree by the Blackstone River. A pair of lovers by the river and tree add just a hint of romance

Today they are promising violent thunder storms this afternoon, but it’s already three and the sun is still out. It rained (again) last night, so maybe they got it wrong.

Red squirrel and a Chickadee flying in from the woods
Trees in the background as this chickadee seem to be flying with joy

There was a dead chickadee on the deck this morning. He was unhurt as far as I could tell, so perhaps it was the natural passing of a bird. I put him in the woods, his home and now his resting place. It made me sad. Life ends but I hated having to confront it first time out of the door in the morning. I also had to keep the Duke in the house lest he decide this was a new toy.

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  1. loving the squares, but so sorry to hear about the heat and the deceased on your patio. Not a great way to start the morning


  2. There is something so poignant about a deceased birdie. I’m sorry you had to find him, but I’m glad you were able to place him in his natural habitat to rest. They’re such bright spots in an increasing grim world. My condolences. Have a better day!


    • I just worry that someone is using Round-Up — which is absolutely LETHAL to birds. I wish they would take it off the market. It bothers me that the little bird looked completely unhurt, so my next fear is poison. But it has just been one single bird, so maybe it was just his time to pass.


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