If you wanted to know why they call it spiderwort, you can see how these groups of flowers look like spiders.

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  1. Suddenly I was no longer getting notifications of your post… Did I suddenly become PNG or have I just slipped off the grid~? Now I must go back and check out what I missed~!


    • All I can tell you is the same thing keeps happening to me. What’s weird is I get SOME posts, but not others. Sometimes I get new posts ahead of older ones. Yesterday, I got the day’s post late, then I got one from the day before several hours later. I’m pretty sure the issue is another WordPress glitch. I’d complain, but I’m sure they’d tell me it’s not their fault. That’s pretty much what they always say, no matter what the problem is.


  2. More beautiful than their name!


  3. These little flowers are adorable 😀


    • Usually we get them (transplanted wildflowers) for a couple of weeks in May, but this year, they are still blooming in July! I guess these flowers at least, like hot weather.


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