About 10 years ago, maybe a little longer — possibly 12 years? — Garry had Tommy John surgery on his right shoulder.

It’s a hell of a surgery. Five months in a tight sling followed by months of PT. All was well until about four years ago when our Australian Shepherd got very sick and there was no one to get him into the car but Garry. So he hoisted Bishop into the car and felt his shoulder tear.

He has had to be very careful with it since and today, for no particular reason, sometimes it stops working. I bought a sling from Amazon and we gave it a week of rest.

Today was “doctor visit” day. I thought it was about time because I could see Garry was moving his arm without wincing. I figured it was probably time to take the sling off and start using the arm fully or mostly fully. He still has to treat it gently. No heavy hauling or lifting, but these many years of exercise probably kept it from being a much worse wrench. The muscles are in good shape. For Garry, the issue is more a matter of not twisting the shoulder than pulling it. Except for when he had to lift all 75 pounds of Australian Shepherd, it has been a twist rather than a pull that has caused the pain.

It’s better. The sling is put away. You never know if someone might need it. He got two shots — lidocaine and cortisone — which should make the shoulder (and probably the rest of him) feel better. We can move on with the rest of the summer.


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  1. Sorry about Garry’s shoulder. My son has been through a horror story from 21 as a result of a serious injury. He’s able to move now but it’s taken a hell of a long time. Misdiagnoses and ignorance. He’s got to be very careful and probably always will. So I understand completely having seen what he’s had to go through.




  3. I am wearing a sling too. Tears in my rotator cuff. Seeing the surgeon next week 😢


    • Ugh. Rotator cuff injuries are so nasty. They’ve come a long way with the surgery for it, though, probably because it’s such a common surgery for very expensive baseball pitchers. I have a funky shoulder too, but it’s more of an overstretched ligament than a tear. I never had it repaired. I kept forgetting it needed repair and now, it’s too late.

      Good luck with it! If you decide to have repair surgery, make sure you have a REALLY good surgeon. For that surgery, a sports injury surgeon is usually the best choice. They have a lot of experience with it.

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  4. Glad to here he’s doing better and the sling can be put away…hopefully forever.


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