Fandango’s Provocative Question #125

This week, Fandango would like to know about our style.

See that old lady wearing baggy jeans and a tee shirt? I lost 20 pounds during the past year and my clothing has not caught up. Note white hair in pony tail, and the big camera?

That’s me. That’s my style. My hair has been longer. It was at one point down past my hips and occasionally, when a stylist thought he or she knew better than me, shorter. But I always grew it back because that’s the way I like it.

Color of hair different, but style? A sweater rather than a tee-shirt — and I’m in Sligo, Ireland right near the Isle of Innisfree. I was 43.

Here’s another one. Remarkable how similar they all are, isn’t it?

I was 25

So. My hair is white and the style of jeans is probably slightly different, but otherwise? This is pretty much me. It was me when I was 15, 25, 40, 50, 60, and 74. The hair color changed with the years and I’ve been thinner and heavier, depending on which decade you got me.

I was never fashionable. I was never in style. I never changed my style because I never wanted to change it. Jeans. Tee or sweater. Boots in the winter, sandals in the summer. Long hair because it’s easier to care for than short hair and it’s out of the way when I’m taking pictures. I’ve never done a lot of dressing up because I never had the money to do it, didn’t like it enough to skimp on other things to own it, and I never really liked women’s fashions on me. Being fashionable requires being tall and thin. I was sometimes thin, but I was never tall and most dress clothing just looked silly on me.

Everything was too tight, too flimsy, too short. The shoes were too narrow, too high. and “not me.”

Us with formally dressed friends

My writing style has changed more than my dress. I write more tightly, use fewer adjectives. I have many more typos because while my brain is okay, apparently my fingers have lost their way. I hit my typing “peak” in my 30s and it has been downhill ever since.

Garry was the real clothes horse in the family. He loved fashion, but the day he stopped working, he stopped dressing. I think he has worn a tie once (maybe twice?) since he retired. During his working years, when we went out, I felt obliged to dress too. He looked so much better than me, it was embarrassing. I also have to admit that during those rare occasions when we were going someplace “formal,” I never had anything to wear. At one point, Garry made me buy some dressy clothing which I wore until it more or less disintegrated.

My eyeglasses keep changing because the industry makes those decisions. Also, I won’t spend $500 on a set of frames. If I’m going to spend that much money, I’ll buy a lens. I entirely resisted the years of tiny eyeglasses because I thought tiny glasses were stupid. Especially tiny sunglasses. The concept of sunglasses is to prevent sun from getting in your eyes. How do tiny glasses accomplish this?

So. There we go. Jeans. Tee shirts. Pony tail. I did try to learn to make a French braid, but all I made was a tangled mess. I did have a beautiful French braid for our wedding. I even had a gold colored band to keep it in place. I think that was my finest high fashion moment.

September 1990

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  1. I’m with you, my typos have increased, mainly because I can’t see them. So I’m hoping that everyone will take that with a grain of salt and read the text anyway. Your looking wonderful and I only WISH I had your gorgeous long hair!


  2. I remember having the pleasure of attending that reception at Epiphany.


    • For some reason, the spam finder decided to move you into spam today. Sorry about that, but I found you and unspammed you. Garry is still sleeping, but when he gets up, he’s planning to write to you. He had been trying to find you and wasn’t able to find you anywhere, so he was really happy that you wrote!


  3. Love it. You both look fine to me .


    • I remember warning Garry a while back that once you discover elastic and spandex, you never go back. He has gone from snug fashion to the King of Stretch over the years. All things considered, we look pretty good — for our ages. He looks younger than I do, even though he’s older. Oh well. I least we both clean up well 😀

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    • I used to wear hats ALL the time, but driving eventually made it impossible except for baseball caps. Everything with a brim all around got knocked off in the car and eventually, I gave up. But I really loved the way I looked in hats and I even had a favorite hat shop.

      I also loved capes and still own one heavy winter cape and one lighter one. They are completely out of style, but when we are “going out,” which these days is pretty rare, a cape is less destructive to dressy clothing than a coat. UNLESS it is very cold, in which case damn the torpedoes. That’s one of my huge issues with women’s dress clothing.

      Our dress clothing is so thin and flimsy. Totally unsuited to cold weather and slushy, snowy streets. Men, on the other hand, are just wearing the same clothing but in nicer fabrics. AND they aren’t wearing uncomfortable shoes and worse, GADS, underwear!


  5. No matter how you dress your always elegant


    • Thank you. I do look better when I decide to actually wear a bit of makeup, but I hate removing makeup and eye makeup gets in my eyes and is hard to remove. I clean up pretty well, but I am much happier in jeans and a shirt than I’ll ever be in anything else 🙂

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  6. Like you, I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy, although my bald head precludes me from embracing the ponytail style.


    • My son is very bald and Garry’s getting there. I feel for them since I’ve lost a lot of hair too. I think it was all the surgeries. Every time I had to go in and get carved, I’d lose a ton of hair — which mostly grew back, but the last time, it grew back, but not completely. I have hair, but it’s not at all like it used to be. I have to do all kinds of strange cropping to keep Garry from looking like he has a great, shining dome for a head. Owen has come to grips with baldness, but Garry hasn’t. Then again, Garry was quite the fashion plate — and Owen thinks anything with jeans is “dressy.”

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