Most of the places I’ve lived have planted trees to decorate the village, city, or town. But here, in the wooded area of the Blackstone Valley, we spend more time trying to get the town to occasionally remove a dying tree. Usually, they won’t unless it’s at the very edge of your property and tangled in electric wires.

Yet all the trees are beautiful, as long as they don’t fall on your car or house. I think the ones along the rivers are especially lovely. Even the almost dead trees — and you just know them by the large number of woodpeckers attacking it — are beautiful. In their own way.

Actually, considering how high our taxes are, the town doesn’t do anything. No trash collection. No sidewalks. No streetlights. No tree trimming. No festivities or celebrations. We are paying off the new high school and the new firehouse and I’m sure, before they are paid for, they will spend what little money the town has on something else.

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  1. Maybe it isn’t just us! The town’s in NY used to plant them, but if anything went wrong, it was YOUR problem.


  2. So many trees, just glorious


    • The trees are glorious. I feel like we moved to Hobbiton. It’s just always a problem what to do about dying trees. If they aren’t near the house, they can just fall and that’s fine. The birds and squirrels and other small furry creatures love them. They provide homes (and food) of many creatures. But the ones leaning towards the house — or which are just plain very CLOSE to the house. You know you’re going to have to take them down. Not requiring they be hauled away makes that less expensive, but it’s still more money than we have right now. I’m still paying off the deck. ONLY $750 to go!

      Trees are almost as messy to live near as the birds, though I think the birds have got to be the messiest creatures anywhere. I changed the feeders back to the hanging feeders this morning. With so much rain (what a surprise THAT is!), something with a cover is probably in order.


  3. The trees are beautiful and the lack of services, frustrating

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