The beauty of trees

Each picture of this tree was taken at a different time of day, starting at sunrise through early evening.

I did not name this maple tree as “iconic.” It was already called that when I entered the scene. I’m honestly unsure why it is considered iconic, although it is perfectly shaped and certainly fits beautifully in its space on the vast lawn adjacent to the cornfield.

Midday with the mist gone

The pictures are not sequential and were taken over the course of about four days. It was October, in case you couldn’t guess from the colors. Turning these pictures into squares was interesting and involved long division, a subject I haven’t needed since I learned it in fourth grade.

I used two cameras, the mirrorless, interchangeable lens Olympus (I think it was the P-3) and the Panasonic FZ-300 with its amazing Leica 24-600 mm telephoto lens. I still have the camera, though I don’t use it. If it weren’t such a big, heavy camera, I might start using it again because it had the best long lens I’ve ever used — and the fastest

The heavy mist in the mountains was a daily occurrence. It lay in the crook of the mountains every bright morning until the sun burned it off by around nine. It was a gorgeous week, so there was mist every day.

This was possibly the best foliage you could see anywhere in the U.S. in the fall. It was New England’s peak in Peachum, Vermont.

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9 replies

  1. Such beautiful photos, Marilyn! They make me feel transported to another time and place:)


  2. So wonderful, Marilyn.


  3. oh these are just wonderful – love how you have captured time and the landscape over a few days. Gorgeous shots too


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