Maybe it’s the rain. First, we had a 10-year drought. At the beginning of June, we were down by the river and it was low. There were areas where the river bottom was poking up through what used to be water. June is very early for the water to be that low. Summer is usually dry in New England, but we don’t usually feel the difference u until mid-July or August. The beginning of June is early.

Nonetheless, there it was. Dry muddy patches of river bottom.

Almost immediately, we got 10-days of extreme heat, followed by a few days of much colder weather (and a bit of rain), then another shot of extremely hot weather. Which was followed by rain. A day later, it rained again. Since the second week in June, it has been raining pretty much every day. Some days start off sunny, but by midday, it has gone dark and gray and it’s raining. We’ve have regular heavy rain, drizzly rain, tropical downpours, and rain so heavy it sounded like a strong wind blowing through the trees.

Rain at River Bend

For the second time in three days, we have a flashflood warning up. Mind you, it’s already raining and has been since yesterday afternoon, just not flood rain. This has been regular rain, but apparently starting this evening, it’s going to be another serious downpour.

It’s not that I mind the rain. We need it. The rivers need it, the watershed needs it. The aquifer — and our well — need it. It does seem as if all the missed rain from the past ten years is falling this summer. I have to remind myself that give how peculiar our weather is around here (more peculiar with climate change), we all need to be glad to get rain at all. Another year of drought would have made it very dangerous to use water at all.


What would be much better if you could just change its color?

The room that used to be my office is painted a truly hideous color of Pepto-Bismol pink. I really don’t know what I was thinking. It hasn’t been repainted because the furniture in the room is so big and heavy, no one is able (or willing) to move it. So it’s going to stay Pepto-Bismol pink. Very worthy of puke.

Do you think cats have any regrets?

I was just in the kitchen. The Duke has just finished chugging down the last of his dinner. I’m not sure he had finished swallowing yet, but he was leaping in the air doing all those incredibly adorable things that dogs do when they think you are too stupid to know they just ate.

If my DOG has no regrets, I’m pretty sure the only regret cats have is they didn’t completely unravel the whole roll of toilet paper. Yet.

Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Sadly, yes. I also count the seconds as my microwave ticks downward. I have some kind of counting issue. I would be embarrassed, but Garry can’t usually hear me and mostly, I count inside my head and only I find me embarrassing.

Is there a supreme power? 

Yes. My mortgage bank. They are our Supreme Power. Pay or die. Prayer will not help.

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  1. Endless rain here in the Big Apple, too, punctuated by very.very.very. hot days!!


  2. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World! I’m wildly envious of the rain y’all are getting, it’s been dry here since May, and even then it was one of those cloud burst deals that was in and out again so fast, I doubt the earth got moistened. But you live in what I always thought of as a greener climate than we do out here. We’re SUPPOSED to be a desert. I’m very glad that things are balancing out finally! Ziggy does that big sad puppy dog eye thing, gives a whine or two or a sharp bark if I’m not buying the whole “I’m STARVING to death because you never feed me” schtick. I think puppies learn that stuff when they are maybe a day old. No wonder some mother dogs get grouchy when being gnawed on by puppy teeth…I’m sure it is incessant! The ‘almighty’ Mortgage Company. That’s more a monster than a supreme being, although the powers may indeed be the same! Have a great week and enjoy the rain!


    • Duke has gone, since we adopted him, from being cute, to a kind of super ultra cute. Rolling eyes. Leaping into the air. Rolling over and growling and barking — and snuggling his usually WET fur next to you on the sofa.

      It’s hard to get ones head behind the “I’m starving and can barely stand on these shaky paws” schtick. We are just trying to keep his stomach from being the same length as his legs.

      Maybe it’s the “one ear up, one ear down” thing. And those slightly bug (googly oogly eyes) that are surprisingly human. Whatever it is, he has me cooking his meals for him (mixed with tomato sauce because he LOVES tomatoes and when I remember, adding a helping of plain white rice to “balance” the meal. To be fair, I started doing this because 75% ground beef costs $1.98/pound while a 12 pack of dog food (in cans) costs around $25 — and it’s full of soy bean which make him fart. These are not normal dog farts. These are farts that could be used as a chemical weapon in warfare. He lets one go, sniffs the air — and leaves the room. He won’t put up with that terrible stench.

      Whereas the food I cook for him does not do whatever soy does to his digestion. It also doesn’t make him itchy AND he eats it. I cook a big package (like 2-1/2 pound) with plain (no salt, no onions, no spices) tomato sauce and some rice — and if I have it, leftover squash (he likes squash) and cooked baby carrots (if I have any). No onions, salt, pepper, or spices. It isn’t reducing his girth, but at least he isn’t gassing us.


  3. Still raining here, too. But at least the last couple of days, the rain has been intermittent and not overly heavy.

    Had to laugh about your pink office. We are able to paint 3-1/2 walls of our living room; the unpainted 1/2 is behind my desk/credenza which took 4 men to bring in when we moved. Hubby and I can’t budge it.


    • I have one of those desks too. Solid oak and HUGE. When I was working from home, it was perfect. Just what I wanted with plenty of room for a desktop, huge screen AND a printer. Now, it’s just taking up about a quarter of a rather small bedroom. It’s part of our attic because no one will climb those pull-down stairs anymore (they ALWAYS made me nervous) and it stores paperwork. Though we really don’t need a 300 pound oak desk to store old paperwork. Meanwhile?

      PINK, please. Very, very pink. I really don’t know what I was thinking.

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