I’d imagined this moment so many times, but I never expected that a bird so small would steal the seed right out of my mouth!

That’s right. Here I am, a full-size scarlet Cardinal and he’s a tiny Chipping Sparrow. Who knew he was standing right behind me? It’s not like I had a mirror. While I have terrific vision, I can’t see behind me.

You just can’t trust other birds. They act trustworthy, but they’ll take the last seed from the feeder. I tried to discuss it with him, but he laughed at me. No one takes me seriously.

Is it because I’m so red? You know, I’m more than my color! I’m a real BIRD!

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10 replies

  1. Awwwh. Poor scarlet bird! (Such a great short story)


  2. Yay for the little guys!! Cutest photo!


  3. That’s one feisty little bird.


    • They are feisty — and friendly. Those little sparrows are easily tamable. I don’t try to tame them because I want to know that they can fend for themselves. I’m not going to be here forever to care for them and sooner or later, they will have to find their own food.

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  4. It’s every bird for itself, you big, red oaf!


    • I always wonder about those bright red birds. Doesn’t that attract predator birds — like hawks? Though I haven’t seen any hawks around here recently. We used to see them, but they seem to have moved on to more open woodlands.

      Being RED doesn’t make you powerful!

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  5. I think where food is concerned, you can expect anything! Cool pictorial story.


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