FOTD – July 16 – Daylily

The intense rain of the past month has had unexpected results on our gardens. Plants that usually bloom once are coming back and blooming a second time including the hydrangea. The Daylilies, normally moribund by this time in the season, are still green and covered with fresh flowers. The spiderwort is still blooming and the Hosta, though it has no flowers, is growing huge.

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  1. If I can figure out how to do it, I’d love to show you my Stargazer Lilly (my birthday present from my son) it was magnificent.


  2. The daylilies are surviving the constant rain, but a lot of my hosta flowers have rotted before they fully bloomed so I had to cut them off. Some plants just go with this constant rain while others are developing mold, aphids, and all sorts of other nasty things. A little sunshine would be good once in a while. 🙂


    • Our hosta are growing, but there are fewer of them. I suspect some of the roots rotted. The ground is sodden. ONLY the day lilies and the roses seem to have survived. Everything else is drowning. Aren’t we glad this isn’t snow? We’d be 12 feet deep by now!

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    • Our huge holly bush (almost tree size) has developed a fungus. We got a spray for it that seems to be helping, but it’s not happy. This is a 50 year old holly bush and I didn’t think ANYTHING could hurt it — but the constant rain is doing the job. No berries this year, either.

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      • There certainly is a wide variety of disease affecting plants this year. Our raspberry bushes were impacted by a variety of things including some tiny fruit just turning black. I did my yearly pruning yesterday, which is early, in order to cut my losses and get all the diseased canes out of there. The weeds sure love the rain. I’ve never seen so much Japanese knotweed. 😦


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