Garry complains a lot, but really, he isn’t complaining about one thing. Mostly, he’s complaining about getting old. He doesn’t like it. It wasn’t on his schedule. He was planning to be young. How did this happen?

Like everyone else, he has a variety of aches and pains. He doesn’t have terrible arthritis. His eyes — even with glaucoma — are holding their own. Hearing is not great, but it’s much better than it was. It has limitations. but overall, it’s a big improvement.

He’s in good shape, especially considering his age.

And gee, it still fits!

So yesterday, he was putting together the trash because Thursday (today) is trash pickup day. I asked him if he felt okay to pushing that big can of trash up the driveway.

He looked at me. “I,” he said, “Am a Marine.”

“Oorah,” I answered. Way to go, Garry.

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  1. ha ha ha…. I see: All the right words! VERY good!


  2. Garry sure looks good, though!


  3. How does a Marine like his eggs?


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  4. Ooorah Garry! And your uniform still fits! Very nice post, Marilyn. I think a lot of people from ‘our’ generation (this includes my hubby) didn’t expect to live to be ‘old’. I know hubby had this idea that he would die at a young age, and it annoyed him terribly as the years kept rolling along. Still. Next year I’ll be the same age he was when he passed away, so to me? He DID die young.

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    • My first husband was gone at 53 from first kidney cancer, then a botched heart valve replacement. If he had cared a little more about his health, he would still be here. I think we are ALL mad at him for up and dying when he didn’t have to.

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    • Thanks, Melanie. And, I don’t believe in this “age is just a number” business. No, I never envisioned myself growing old. I have many fantasies but growing old is not one of them. Well, this seasoned Gyrene will just have to get with the program, eh. Ooorah!


      • OORAH!, Indeed, but I know how Garry feels. I had to lug a bunch of recording gear to a location yesterday, which is less frequent than the every day humping I used to do on my full time job 7 years ago. Yeah, I have a friend, who is very interested in the recording process, helping me. He’s only 50+, an age I’d gladly trade with him any day. Like Garry, my eyesight is still pretty good and (knock on wood) my hearing is in good shape.., good thing too because I earned my living with it, and seem to be still in demand in retirement. Realistically I am beginning to unload (sell off) the gear I no longer use, in anticipation of getting rid of the business all together. I just can’t seem to say NO.., at least to some of clients. But I can certainly, due to modern technology, carry less with me.

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        • Ben, very good share. I had my eyes checked this week. The right eye is a bit weaker but, otherwise, the peepers are okay. I just need a slightly stronger script for my bifocals.

          Carrying equipment: I used to help carry my crew’s stuff. Heavy stuff. I honestly thought this was part of the team credo. Other reporters frowned on this, saying I was setting a bad example -‘ “Talent” doesn’t carry equipment”‘ Bull feathers! I think this caught up with me but – I think – it just goes with the territory.

          Ben, I give you props for still carrying all your gear. I’m sure it’s not easy anymore. I understand the “client” incentive. It was like me and the crew chasing a breaking story. It’s almost natural to share the load.

          I’m still doing my home exercises – even on those days when I feel like what Duke leaves outside on the front lawn. It usually lifts my spirits.

          OOO-rah, Ben!



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  6. I know how Garry feels! Getting older (I still refuse to say ‘old’) isn’t much fun!

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