Month: July 2021


A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflection Sometimes, the reflections in the water is so sharp, it looks more “real” than the non-reflection above it. But always, because we live by rivers and ponds that are not fast flowing, reflections double the… Read More ›


I am named after an aunt I never met. In my style of Jewish family, you don’t name babies after living people. Only after those who have passed. This is not true in all Jewish families. It depends on where… Read More ›


SUM-SUM-SUMMERTIME Dark green boughs heavy with leaves means deep summer in the valley. We are a wonderland of trees. We had two sunny days, but today, it rained. Tomorrow they are promising more sun. Here’s hoping they got it right…. Read More ›


How many friends does a grown up actually need? It’s interesting that this subject has come up now since Garry and I had a long talk about this just the other day. We had turned down an invitation to a… Read More ›


We’ve been seeing a lot of woodpeckers. Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Flickers, Hairy and Downy woodpeckers. You’d think there would be plenty of bugs for them in the trees, but they want seeds too. I don’t know if the seeds are dessert… Read More ›


FOTD – July 24 – HEDGE ROSES The roses bloomed bigtime this year despite the rain. But if we’d had just a little bit of sunshine in June or July, it would have been much better. These are the roses from… Read More ›