Since we started letting the Duke out on the deck occasionally — and the Duke has discovered if he charges the back screen door door he can pop it open — the chipmunks have been a little tentative. They aren’t nearly as fast as squirrels and not as agile so they are careful about Duke. Duke, on the other hand is ONLY interested in squirrels. I think there’s a special DNA link in the dog’s helix that tells them to go berserk if they see a squirrel.

The squirrels don’t worry about Duke. They know he can’t follow them. The birds don’t care because they fly.

The little chipmunks are agile, but they don’t climb trees and definitely can’t fly.

Squirrels, chipmunk, and doves are our cleanup crew. Whatever the other birds drop onto the deck — especially millet (a big favorite with doves) — they come and eat. A flock of doves can do a heck of a job out there.

Compared to squirrels, chipmunks are relatively harmless. They don’t get into your house and eat all the wiring — or for that matter, eat an entire terminal on an exterior pole. Squirrels do very serious damage to wiring and pay the price. They apparently have no learning curve about wiring.

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  1. Wonderful photos… These little critters are such cuties!


  2. Amazing photographs. That is a baby chipmunk, isn’t it? Duke certainly has his goals well in mind though.


    • For some reason, this generation of chipmunks are smaller than the ones we used to have. I don’t know if they are a separate species. It doesn’t appear that it is, but these guys are half the size of the ones we had before the bobcats came and ate them. They are very cute. Not afraid of people but very wary of the dog.


  3. Adorable photos and commentary, especially about the damage Squirrels do to wiring. Interesting that Duke wasn’t interested in Chipmunks. Maybe they are too small to make a decent snack? I once photographed a Great Blue Heron catch and swallow a Chipmunk. I imagine the fur tickled that long graceful neck all the way down. Loved this post. Best, Babsje


    • I don’t think Duke has really malevolent intentions to the squirrels. He just wants to CATCH one. He’s not much of a hunter, but he is a chaser. And there really is some kind of “thing” about dogs and squirrels. One of the ongoing battles they they seem to be born knowing.

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  4. Ha – I don’t think that God, when creating squirrels, was anticipating that squirrels could need to know about electricity power stations… LOL. And they surely weren’t meant to be clever or have the ability to learn from their failings! See what ‘learning curves’ did(n’t do) to humanity 😉


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