CFFC: Blue

There’s an old folk song that many people sang back when we were all young. It was about a dog named “Blue.” I never had a dog named blue, but every time I heard the song, I remembered every dog I ever had — even though none were Blue.

Blue Jays
Blue coffee house
What a sky!
Blue in green water
Blue Veronica or Speedwell (finally — the right name!)

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  1. Oh Marilyn, your blues are absolutely fascinating. The birds are so pretty 😀 😀


    • Thank you! My favorite are the bluebirds — because they are bluebirds and that’s such a pretty color. But the rest of the blues are good too 🙂 Don’t we wish we could get those colors in paints or fabric? I always look for it, but it’s never quite the same.


  2. Instant love for all those BLUEs…. it’s my all-time favourite colour and although I own many colours, blue will always be a winner.
    Those birds!!!
    I called my 1st husband Bläuling (sounds like the name of a fish, but he was always wearing blue and I didn’t – at a time – know his name, so, to distinguish him from his brother, he was called ‘Bluey’!)

    Your ‘blue primroses’ are not…. We call them ‘cats’ eyes’ – nobody knows why because blue eyed cats are rather unusual…. but their correct name (in German and Latin) is Ehrenpreis (price of honour!) and I have found this:
    And even better, searching for English written sites, I found that you would call it speedwell…. – there, I learned another new thing today!
    Here a link for a (rather pricey) first pot of them:

    Hope that helps – if not, no problem with nor for me! 😉


  3. Hi Marilyn, how are you? Thanks for your photos of
    beautiful blue birds, blue sky, blue in green water, blue flowers.
    We have a cat, his name is Blue, we call him Blue..e.
    He looks like a little tiger, so cute.We love him very much.
    Wish you two a very good day, Marilyn and Garry.

    From DTQT.


  4. Gorgeous blues.. and those bluebirds!!!!!


    • The bluebirds really are special. They are insectivores, so they only come around when I put out the suet that has insects in it. Considering the amount of rain we’ve had, I figure it’s pretty buggy back there in the woods so I’m not putting out the suet until it starts to get cold. This time of year, the raccoons like to steal it.


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