CBWC: Large Subjects

Large subjects. Large is relative. If you are an ant, I’m sure everything is large, but if you are an office building, only a bigger office building can beat you. Or a dinosaur.

A very big bird — if you are a smaller bird!
Tallest building on Beacon Hill – 12 stories
View of the Prudential Tower – Boston’s tallest building at 52 stories
Black & White

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  1. Great post! And very informative too! I didn’t realize Boston’s skyscraper was only 52 stories. I don’t mean to minimize the achievement of erecting a 52-story building, but there are so many cities from LA to Chicago that have much taller buildings. Is it like Washington, DC where none of the buildings can exceed the Washington Monument?

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    • Very tall isn’t a “thing” in Boston. Actually, we do have one taller building that I had forgotten — the Four Seasons Hotel is 61 floors, thought it’s not that much taller in feet. As cities go, we are more inclined to treasure historical buildings which are rarely very tall. I think the tallest of them is the Clock Tower down by the Harbor (part of the Custom House District) built in 1837. It’s part of the National Register.


      I grew up in New York, but I was never all that enthused by “tall.” I like buildings you can walk up and down if the elevators fail or there is a fire and you can’t use them. I love the view from the top, but not the dangers involved in living where only elevators can go.

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  2. What fantastic photos Marilyn for this week’s big theme 😀

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  3. I like the architecture of the Beacon Hill tall building.


    • As very tall building go, it’s quite attractive. It had some issues early on — the windows kept falling out and a window falling 50 stories is a LONG fall, especially if you’re under it. They eventually got that fixed and since then — about 35 years now — it has been a very pretty tower. It’s got all different color lights on top to celebrate various events for sports teams, serious weather, elections … you need a guide to tell you which colors mean what event 🙂

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