When we first moved here in 2000, the Unitarian Church was still in use, at least during the summer. In winter, the congregation — maybe a dozen people — moved to the heated Unitarian Church in Mendon.

Over the years, we watched the church become increasingly decrepit. I worried that if no one bought it or adopted it, they would give up and knock it down. It’s such a beautiful little church, the idea of losing it made me sad.

I thought they should turn it into a museum. Uxbridge has tons of old photographs and other memorabilia that lives in an empty space in Town Hall. We never get to see any of it because it is never displayed. The church has the main church and a basement — perfect for a little village museum.

A couple of months ago, the state preservation foundation bought the church with (tada) the intention of turning it into a little museum. I didn’t want to talk about it yet — not until I saw actual signs that they were really going to do the work and not just talk about it.

A few weeks ago, the scaffolding went up. What a relief! This week, I got my first pictures. They are still in the process of removing exterior and interior items. Since this is going to be a full restoration, everything will have to be removed, restored, and replaced. Somewhere in the process, they will have to find a way to add at least a bit of heating. It can get very cold in the winter. Summer is short, but winter can be very long — or maybe it just feels that way.

Meanwhile, despite the church lacking a congregation or mission, the clock was always on time. Now, I think they have taken the clock down, but for all these years, that clock has been accurate.

Someone cared enough to go and reset it whenever the time changed.

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