FOTD – August 7 – Berries

We have hundreds of blackberry brambles all over the property and yet we never get to eat any. Talk about thorny! The birds don’t seem to mind and of course, they don’t have to navigate through our very rough woods to even get to the berries. They just fly down and grab a bite.

We rescued our Holly tree from whatever fungus was trying to kill it. We still don’t know what it was, but the folks at Koopmans said the spray would pretty much kill any fungus and it has. I think the constant wetness from June into August made our giant Holly tree unhappy, but it has perked up again.

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  1. Beautiful berry photos, Marilyn, and the relish looks delicious. We have wild strawberries in our garden too, although we don’t seem to get those lovely flowers. But we do enjoy watching the birds grab the fruit. 🙂

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    • The wild strawberries flowers bloom very early, just before the daffodils. We never see anything eat the berries, but we have chipmunks and squirrels and so many birds — not to mention skunk and just in case that’s not enough, deer. They all love our gardens! Yummy gardens! They even love the weeds. It’s good someone loves them 😀


  2. Cranberry relish and vegetable Jello are the only two dishes I am ever allowed to make for holiday meals and I am the only person who eats the latter one!

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    • I and my daughter in law are the two people who LOVE that cranberry relish. I usually make it using an orange rather than a lemon and it comes out fine with both white and brown sugar. I think it’s much better than turkey (I could do without turkey pretty much forever), so my dinner is usually cranberry relish and stuffing. Not exactly balanced, but at least I’m old enough for no one to force me to eat food I don’t really like. I guess that’s one benefit of getting old!


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