I don’t think anyone will contradict me if I point out that squirrels are ALWAYS hungry. Being rodents, they have to eat to keep their teeth from overgrowing their mouths, but even so. These squirrels — red and gray — move in as soon as I put the food up and eat pretty much continuously until around 11 when the feeders are empty and I send the Duke out to bark at them.

Remarkably, they do not eat all the time. Definitely most of the time. But sometimes, they take naps on the railing or just sit in the middle of the flat feeder. Surrounded by food, they watch to see what’s going on. Maybe they’re looking to see if “other squirrels” are closing in on them and getting ready to battle for home plate.

And just one more of that sweet little girl squirrel! Eating, of course.

They tend to ignore me, but they still worry about El Duque. I do not believe he will ever get close to catching a squirrel, but going out on the deck he does some very serious sniffing and woofing. It gives the rest of the critters a chance to grab a bite.

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    • When I got up this morning, the deck was COVERED with squirrels. There were easily half a dozen. Duke went out and woofed at them, then came inside looking please with himself.

      THEN I refilled the feeders. The birds showed up.

      I really don’t mind feeding squirrels. They get hungry too, but by the middle of the day, other creatures need to get a turn at the feeders. The squirrels are adorable and because this year, it is mostly red squirrels, I think they are even cuter.


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