A Photo a Week Challenge: Natural Lighting

I have always disliked flash, although I have occasionally used it when it was the only possible lighting available. I also used to own sets of light which I used for setups for my online antique shop. But I never used it for any of my personal photography. After I closed my online store, I gave away my lights. Every now and then, I wish I had a light, but usually, it doesn’t matter.

Finding a spot that was bright but not sunny made all the difference
Marilyn by Garry

Lights can be very effective, but you need room to put them. Lighting is an art. It’s not just pointing a light at something and snapping a picture. I suppose that’s why theaters and movies have lighting directors.

Having a studio makes a huge difference. I have no place I can use as a studio, not even temporarily so if I can’t shoot outside or from window light, it doesn’t happen.

I feel obliged to mention that regardless of light, being young and beautiful helps improve any portrait!

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  1. That’s why I really respect landscape and natural light photographers. They will spend hours at a sight waiting for the light to be right. It could be a matter of minutes, or hours, but they seem to have the patience of Job. Let’s not forget that they may have to scale some rough country to get where the scene they want, or imagine, lives.

    I’ve never liked artificial lighting, or flash, altho one of the best portraits I ever took involved me quickly sticking up a simple incandescent light I found around my parent’s house. For a background I used an old grey navy blanket. As inexperienced as I was, it worked.., better than I could have hoped.

    So YAY! to you Marilyn.


    • You can do amazing things with lighting, but you need room to bounce the light and physical space to stand lights. It’s not just pointing at light at the subject. I did some studio work and I really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t something I wanted to do long-term. If I were a lot richer and had a room I could use as a studio, maybe just for fun, but I’ve never had a house with a spare room that wasn’t already full of stuff. So I count on natural light. And in this house, because I shoot through windows a lot, I know exactly what time of day the sun will have moved from the back of the house to the top of the house and finally, to the front — and what times of the year it will be at a particular angle. I think this is the longest I’ve lived at one address since I was a child. Actually, we’ve lived here 21 years, so I think that’s a record.

      Have you gotten any rain yet? We got a few days of sun. Now we are heading into super hot weather and very high humidity with thunderstorms at night. OH GOODY! Summer hasn’t been a whole lot of fun for the past couple of years.


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