Garry and I — and I think Owen, too — have some kind of stomach bug. In a way, I’m glad because I thought it was just my body behaving badly. But when all three of our bodies behave the same way, it’s probably a bug.

Speaking of bugs, we have been massively attacked by mosquitoes. In addition to my stomach doing flipflops, I have mosquito bites all over my ankles and arms. I tend to scratch in my sleep, so I try to get the itching down to a low level before bed so I won’t wake up bleeding.

Look at the size of those vines!

The mosquito invasion is no doubt due to the rain. Although the only standing water near us is several acres deep in our woods, it’s all wetlands back there, the natural breeding ground for mosquitoes and a lot of other bugs.

But, you ask, how do they get in the house?

I’m pretty sure a lot of them come with Duke through the doggy door. I swear they are lurking near the doors and whenever anyone goes in or out, about half a million flying jaws come too. It feels like we are living in a rain forest.

Everything is sodden. A friend pointed out that “at least this year everything is green, unlike the past few years when by August, everything was burned out and brown.” That is true, but I have never seen weeds like we have this year. It really LOOKS like a rain forest and I’m pretty sure George of the Jungle would feel very much at home in our backyard.

From “All About Birds.” I did NOT take this picture. I wish I had!

On an positive note, our flowerboxes have attracted ruby-throated hummingbirds. They started showing up a few days ago and now, every time I look out of the kitchen winder (my best view of the flowerboxes), a few hummingbirds are sucking juice out of the pansies and petunias. I haven’t gotten a picture because by the time I get to the dining room and grab a camera, they have moved on.

I don’t keep cameras in the kitchen, so I may never get a picture of them. It’s still nice to see them. They are lured to red, magenta, and pink flowers. I’ve had them land on me when I was wearing a magenta bathing suit — which was very startling. I thought it was a dragonfly and felt really stupid when I realized it had been a hummingbird.

These little ones are unafraid of anything — and they are so tiny!


Restrictions are being lifted all over the world.  Do you feel it’s safe to go out and mingle in crowds in light of the Pandemic?

This assumes I want to mingle in crowds, with or without a pandemic. I’ve never liked crowds. I have always avoided them when I could. Out here in the exurbs, it’s pretty hard to even find a crowd — unless you could come up with the money to go to that last Billy Joel concert at Fenway Park — which isn’t local, but it was Billy Joel. Had the price been a little lower — like $100 a ticket rather than closer to $200 — I might have tried to somehow get tickets.

I remember when getting tickets to shows on Broadway didn’t require you be wealthy. If you were in the city and it was a matinee day, you could get “SRO” tickets for a few dollars. Now, here in Boston, ANY ticket to ANY show in ANY theater cost at least $150 and that’s an inexpensive ticket. Most of them cost more. Much more.

So, to get back to the original question, at these prices, I’ve not even been tempted. And while I believe the vaccination has me pretty well protected, other than a little shopping for groceries — and a short trip to Caroline’s Cannabis shop for a chocolate bar — where I did not wear a mask (though I thought about it) — and my doctor where I did (no choice) wear a mask — I simply haven’t gone anywhere.

Obama forgot to send our invitations, so we missed the big party on the Vineyard.

What are some things that are okay to do occasionally,  but definitely not okay to do every day?

Getting high and eating junk food. I’d add drinking, but we don’t drink. Garry hasn’t touched alcohol in 15 years and I never liked booze. I was, I admit, more of a doper — but I didn’t do that every day even back in those good old days. If you do drugs all the time, they stop being effective. I think this is also true of other medications — pain and sleep meds, for example. If you take the same ones all the time, they begin to have less effect.

Would you relocate for love (romantic or otherwise)?

I’ve never been given that choice. I think a primary reason I went to Israel was that I wanted to live somewhere other than Long Island. I needed a heavy dose of culture shock.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories (no judgment)?

Not really. I have my own theories. Also, I think there’s much more we don’t know about current events than we’ve are able to learn as “civilians.” Part of that is from following Garry’s career and realizing how much he knew that he was not allowed to use on the air.

The approach taken to news has a lot to do with a particular station or newspaper. Despite movies to the contrary, reporters do not get to go out and “do their own thing.” They may want a particular assignment and lobby for it. Sometimes they get to do it. Frequently, they don’t.

On your own blog, you can do whatever you like. It’s your site. You are in charge — which is one of the things I like about blogging. When you work for an organization — a corporate entity — you are required to fulfill assignments and these are based on what’s going on (what kind of “news day” it is) — and whether or not the station for which you work has a point of view to which you are required to adhere.

There was a time — a very brief time — when there was more freedom, but those days are over. I think newspaper journalists get to put more depth into their work because the medium allows it. TV or radio journalists are very time-constrained. Some stations are better (from a reporter’s point of view) than others, but it varies a lot from one station to another.

As for me, I always assume that what I don’t know about anything inevitably exceeds what I do know. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s just recognizing that we may think we know everything, but unless we were there (and even if we were), we probably don’t.

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn, for Sharing Your World! I’m ‘green’ with envy at your rainfall. ;P It’s so dry and crisp here, that a fiery flatulence bout might set the world on fire. Literally. We’re covered with smog and smoke, so it looks cloudy ‘out there’ but it’s haze and it stinks. *bleah* I admire your take on conspiracy theories, personally that’s the way I think too. We might be told some things that someone in ‘power’ deems necessary, but do we get the whole truth, unvarnished? Not a chance. It’s sad but I also see where it’s for safety’s sake. What’s that old adage… Something like “A person is reasonable, smart, intelligent ect, but a group of people are usually stupid, sheeple tendency driven, and have a mob mentality. Especially about stuff they don’t understand. I’m glad you were able to get out and get your ‘medicine’ 😉 in the form of a chocolate bar! My hubby was fond of making hash brownies, and he gave me a piece of one, one time. It was supposed to calm my nerves, but I got such a buzz off the stuff that I was more wired than calm. It didn’t help any when I had to drive him to the ER later. There were cops there who had brought in some criminal or something, and I am fairly sure I looked stoned. I would never try his baking again. But to each their own, we all have our indulgences, don’t we? Thanks again for sharing and for sharing those wonderful photographs. I’ve seen two or three little humming birds around my Rose of Sharon tree (it has light pink flowers) and one of these years I’m gonna break out my feeder for them. Have a great week!!


    • I don’t know if you read anything about the new U.N. report on the world’s environment, but it was very discouraging. Actually, it was — if we stop to really think about it — terrifying. Stephen Hawking said that he thought humans had MAYBE another 100 years before we are gone and right now, it’s hard to argue the point.

      I find the chocolate helps me sleep better. Doesn’t do much for pain, unless you count the pain of watching the Red Sox lose. I’m up for anything that takes some of the tension away from current events which seem to get uglier minute by minute. I’m not going to dwell on them. Anyone who doesn’t follow what is going on obviously doesn’t want to know. How we — as humans — can go like lemmings to our own self-created end — is hard to believe. That we haven’t taken up arms and demanded our governments DO SOMETHING about it? Clearly we don’t care because, as the U.N. scientists put it, this is a flashing red light for the human race. We will not survive in the world we have made.

      Is THIS what was intended when we were given guardianship over the planet? Because it doesn’t look like it.




    • I don’t think the next generation is going to have a better time of it. From all I have read and understood, we aren’t going to survive to see our great grandchildren and they won’t likely live to produce any more children. Maybe that’s just as well. We’ve made such a hash of it.

      I’m learning to make dumplings. I can’t fix the world. I can’t even figure out to whom I should complain that nothing is being done on the one thing that really IS going to end our world. So, I’ll make dumplings. I love dumplings.


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