Fandango’s Provocative Question #130

You want to know what I’m worrying about? You mean whether or not there is going to BE a planet to live on? Other than that?

Let us start with the simplet, yet somehow most heartfelt expletive available in Yiddish:


How about whether or not our pensions will be enough to keep us from starvation and/or medical care? Whether or not there will still BE Medicare? Whether or not they will ever raise the monthly rates on Social Security to an amount which enable us to live like human beings? Some of us still have mortgages and bills. Right now an extended lifespan doesn’t necessarily seem like a great idea.

There are so many things to worry about, my brain gets lost in the miasma of it all. Right now, I’m worried that there IS no future. If there is, will it be a future in which any of us want to live?


Are you kidding me? Why isn’t it YOUR biggest concern? Or are you one of those people who thinks “Oh, whatever happens, I’ll be dead so why should I care?” There are a lot of those people. These are the same people who won’t get vaccinated, think helping others is something only done by bizarre socialist cults — as opposed to real socialism which, I can assure you, is an entirely reasonable system and frankly, is far better than the our American muck and mire.

I’m pretty sure the reason we got stuck with this increasingly bizarre version of “It’s not REALLY democracy but sometimes resembles it” is the version of socialism (well, many versions of socialism) employed by most other modern nations had not yet been fully formed when we became a nation. We couldn’t adopt it because it didn’t exist. Yet.

It wasn’t until after World War II that functional socialism grew to adulthood and by then, we were dug into our version of “It’s not really democracy, but it sometimes is sort of like democracy. Mostly though, we just pretend it’s democracy.”

You might say I’m worried about everything, from whether or not we are going to leave a viable Planet Earth to those who supposedly will follow us, to whether or not our supposed retirement money will last long enough so we won’t die from want.

I actually have trouble these days making any sense of the world I live in. It wasn’t always like this, but over my lifetime, it has devolved from something that could — with real effort — be made to work for everyone and something that is designed to exclude most people and make anyone who isn’t wealthy feel permanently just a bit worried and insecure.

I think a better question might be what are you NOT worried about? Right now, I honestly can’t think of anything, but I’m sure if I try harder, i will find something. It’s like that old “gratitude” question.

What am I grateful for?

We aren’t dead yet. And sometimes, on a good day, we have fun!

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  1. Yes, we’re not dead yet, but sometimes when I see what’s happening all around me, I wish I were.


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