FOTD – August 15 – Inside a Petunia

I went outside this morning to do what I do every morning. I fill the two cage feeders and fill up the flat feeder with black sunflower seeds. I empty out the water and replace it with fresh water. Then I hose down the deck to clean up all the leftover bird seed and acorns.

While doing this I was conscious of just two things:

(1) it was incredibly humid. I felt like i was trying to breath through soup, and

(2) I was being killed by mosquitoes.

Because of all the rain we’ve had this summer, not only do we have wild floral and weed growth, we also have a staggering number of mosquitoes. Everywhere. Outside, they are like a wall of hungry little flying jaws attacking from every direction. But inside, they bite your face, your ears, your fingers, your toes. One of the little bastards bit me inside my ear. The dog has to wear some kind of mosquito repelling gunk — so WE are the one’s who are being bitten. I think he laughs at us while we sit here and scratch.

It had started to rain when I first went out there, but I just had a feeling and watered the flowerboxes anyway. Sure enough, by the time I went in the house, the sun had come out.

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  1. The unfortunate accompaniment to rain and verdant growth: the bugs!!!! I am afraid mosquitoes, in particular, are one of the aspects I do not enjoy when I venture outdoors!


  2. What gorgeous flowers and of course, the photos are amazing! I’m sorry about the mosquitos though. It’s so dry here (and things are burning. The sky is a dull hazy gray today from smoke) that mosquitos have had to re-think things and move along where it’s got more water. A small blessing perhaps. I’m glad Duke isn’t getting bitten, that heart worm stuff is nasty.


    • All things considered, I think we are better off with the skeeters, though last night when I couldn’t sleep because they’d bitten me between my toes and nothing would make it stop itching I wasn’t so sure. Today the heat broke and it’s absolutely lovely. For how long? No idea, but it’s nice to have actual air that doesn’t feel like hot soup.

      Duke has both a liquid heartworm medication that also helps stop ticks — we have deer ticks that give dogs, humans, AND horses Lyme disease — plus a secondary glop which is just for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Overall, Duke never seems to itch much. The vet thought it was overkill, but HE doesn’t live in a woods. We REALLY get bugs here. It’s one of the ironies of living in such a pretty place that during a wet summer, you almost never go outside because the insects are a plague. I have lesions all over me because I scratch in my sleep. Yuck.

      I really don’t mind the rain because after all these years of drought, we so badly needed it. But it has produced some very strange weeds and flowers and the most bugs I’ve EVER seen — and I’ve seen a lot. At least we didn’t get an invasion of gnats this year. They are particularly hateful.


  3. Ouch! I am sorry you keep getting bitten! Mosquitos are awful little buggers!


    • There has been SO much rain that little ponds which are normally not mosquitoes breeding beds ARE — at least this summer. We have a little pond way in the back of our property. We haven’t every visited it because there’s no path and getting there is a very rough hike. Actually, that’s not entirely true. About 10 years ago I was still exploring back there, the that little pool would normally dry out in the summer and it was just “wetlands.” THIS year, you can see it pretty clearly through all the green depths of the woods, so I’m assuming it is bigger and has become the source of many of these millions of flying jaws. It’s really BAD out there.

      If you go out at night for any reason — however briefly — they are like a fanged curtain in attack mode.

      I was outside for half an hour this morning, setting up feeders, watering, and hosing down the deck. I came back inside with at least half a dozen new bites. I keep wondering if the glop we put on the Duke to keep HIM from getting bitten might work on US. Right now, it seems like a great idea.


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