Lacking money to go anywhere — assuming if we had the money we would go anywhere — it’s really nice to get away and see friends. In fact, it’s WONDERFUL. Tom and Ellin live near enough to get there in under three hours. Maybe we’ll even get to hang out on the boat, but I don’t really care. I’m just so glad we are going to see real live friends!

We’ll be away a few days. I don’t think I’ll post while I’m away. We’re not going to be gone long and I want to spend the time with friends. So, expect me back Saturday. Probably.

For a while, I was pondering what to do about the birds. I suddenly realized — “Hey, it’s summertime! If they can’t forage for food now, what will they do when I’m gone?” So for a few days, they will have to find their own provisions. Somehow, I’m absolutely sure they will manage.

I got a letter from the Audubon Society today asking for a contribution to save more birds. It occurred to me I have two choices. I can keep feeding the birds which costs us about $50 a month now that we’ve found someplace that sells birdfeed at a more reasonable price — or I can donate money to them. I can’t do both. So I went outside and asked a Chickadee.

His answer was firm. “Feed me!” he chirped.

So that’s what I will do. I think this is the best I can do. The birds and squirrels all agree.

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  1. Enjoy your trip, it’s nice to get away sometimes even if it is not far. Maybe you will come home to baby squirrels.


  2. marilyn, do enjoy the trip! Have lots of fun! Xoxo


  3. Enjoy your holiday, Marilyn.😀


  4. I agree with the chickadee. My mom always said “charity starts at home”. Have a wonderful time away.


  5. Have a great time with Ellin and Tom!

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  6. Enjoy your vacation Marilyn. Hope you have a lovely time with friends

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