Melanie is trying something a little different this week, sharing questions from the zany computer of most Evil Squirrel! I’ve been following Evil for many years and am delighted to see him get the public relations bump he most thoroughly deserves.

When you just need to forget the world for a few hours, what helps you get away from it all? (Fuzzywig the Stoner Raccoon)

Dope infused chocolate and something funny on TV, assuming our wi-fi is actually working. Which it often isn’t.

If you woke up tomorrow with a unicorn horn extending from the top of your head, what would be the biggest advantage and disadvantage of your new appendage?  (Mitzi the Horny  FRIENDLY Unicorn)

I’d think the chocolate was a little stronger than specified on the label. Time to resume sleep and see if it’s better when I next wake up.

What is the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen someone do, that you’d be willing to talk about, of course?  (Snuggle The “I Like It Kinky” Friendly Bear)

I had a secretary once — the only secretary I ever had. I really had no idea what to do with her. She was better educated than I am and typed faster, too. But she was an insane nose-picker and she ate it. I found myself avoiding my office until I finally told the boss. He just let her go. In any case, she wasn’t doing any work, but I still felt bad about it. I just couldn’t sit there and watch anymore.

What’s the silliest or pettiest thing that tends to really upset you?  (Rainy, The Wickedly Obsessive Rain Loving Skunk)

I’m not sure how petty these “petty” things really are. Like our wildly unstable ISP that charges top dollar and delivers undependable wi-fi and when you call them on it, they NEVER admit any fault is theirs. I kind of hate them. Add them to the un-gratitude section.

How comfortable are you with meeting others who are very different from yourself? (No judgment implied.  Different in any way you’d like to think about – different cultures, different races, different mind set (opinions)? 

I’m fine with any race, religion, or color. Ask my husband. He’ll tell you.

On the other hand, I will not deal with anti-vaxxers or right-wing Republicans, though they seem to be the same people most of the time. I don’t want to hear their bullshit. They nauseate me and I can’t help but believe they are beyond stupid, having achieved a level of dumbness previous unimagined.

I never thought I could actually loathe any group of people as much as I loathe this bunch of morons.

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10 replies

  1. Just keep the dope infused chocolate away from the cutie at the feeder. She doesn’t need a horn with little ones on the way…


    • They get fed better than WE do! Seriously, I’m very careful with feed. I wash the feeders, I wash the whole deck. Birds and squirrels are incredible slobs and spread seeds all over the deck, so every morning — if it isn’t already raining — I’m out there hosing it down. When it’s hot, I leave bowls of water for them and they do drink it.

      I admit, however, I used to give my cats nip. I always wished something made ME that happy 😀


  2. Three of our four answers were essentially the same.


  3. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World. You’re not alone with your last opinion. I’m there too. 😡 I cannot believe the stupidity that’s running rampant now. All we can do is take those deep breaths, you eat your infused chocolate, and I’ll have a coca-cola. I’m shocked that any ‘secretary’ would actually pick her nose and then consume the results where just anyone could see. That’s sickening AND creepy. I have to wonder how long she stayed at any one job. I suspect it wasn’t very long. I say all that (judgmentally a bit) because secretary was one of my career ‘hats’ and there are protocols and rules to being a secretary, just like any other profession. Acting professionally at all times is the biggest one. Picking your nose and chewin’ it, chewin’ it IS not professional. *ugh* I think those of us with open minds are becoming slowly extinct. There’s still a lot of us around, but as mentioned before, the stupidity is killing everything. Literally. Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for those amazing squirrel photos!


    • She actually TALKED about it, how she had damaged her nose. Yikes! This was actually in Israel. I think my boss couldn’t type and assumed neither could I so I would need a secretary to type my material. Like I could possibly think without having fingers on the keys. Writing isn’t something one can pass off. You just can’t.

      I learned to touch-type when I was 10. I don’t even remember how to really WRITE.

      I wrote a post about her some years ago. I with I remembered what it was called so I could find it. It’s in the big pile of posts. Somewhere.


    • I couldn’t deal with it. That she had no legitimate work, well, that was one issue. Sooner or later I was going to have to do something about that, though what I couldn’t imagine. But the nose was really over the top for me. It made my stomach churn.

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