I write most of the posts for this site, but Rich writes a lot (and has taken over when I’ve been too sick to do it!). Garry writes, sometimes Tom writes, and I hope one of these days, Ellin will write something new, too.

When I originally posted pages for all of us, the order was based on the alphabet and fortunately, “contact” came first being a “C.” That is the default setting. First was where I wanted CONTACT. After that, though, it was alphabetical order for all of us and it didn’t make sense. I intended to fix this years ago, but then we had COVID and lockdown and somehow, it slipped away.

Today I figured out how to put the pages — NOT posts — in order.

First, you need a parent page which in this case, is “CONTACT.” Then you have to number all the following pages in the order you want them shown. It took me a really long time to figure this out, so I’m passing it on to you. The information for setting this up is in the “Widgets” section under “Appearance” in the Dashboard. I also took this opportunity to update the information which I wrote in 2017. Time has flown!

It’s still not exactly how I really want it because each of the names under contact have a bullet and the spacing is ugly. I can’t figure out how to remove the bullet and WordPress has had spacing problems for years which they have never even tried to fix. So as soon as I got the names in order, I figured I was done!

The parent header (Contact) is too close to the name below it, but I had a feeling if I got too picky, I was going to wind up with a worse disaster.

WordPress keeps messing with the format. Just when you think you’ve got it working, they change something. I hate what they have done with images. I can’t find a lot of images at all and they only show little bits of what ought to be available — AND they don’t show the same set twice in a row. Which is beyond merely annoying. I put a lot of time and energy into the photographs. Having WordPress casually make them unavailable is infuriating.

Despite having learned to use their “new” format, I still hate it.

Most of the fancy stuff doesn’t work or works so badly it’s not worth the effort of bothering. The standard stuff isn’t better than it was before. You can do more with text, but not enough to justify all the problems that came with it.

The way this format works best is if you don’t use lots of graphics and most of your work is plain text. That’s insulting to every photographer and graphic artist working on this platform.

If I didn’t have so many years invested in this site, I’d try and switch to something else, but Serendipity is huge. I’m not even sure I could transfer it if I tried. So, I’m stuck here, but I’m not a happy camper.

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  1. I’m very grateful that you’ve soldiered on. You explain those little nuances so well, it does you credit! WP is a rather bad apple, but until someone figures out a better platform, I guess we are stuck with it. 😦 I’m also very glad that the photos you do share come through. Where would I be without a touch of bird song and those immensely appealing little squirrels and chipmunks? The world would be much darker! Thank you! ☺


    • There are some new platforms showing up. But they are new and I don’t know how long they will last — and honestly, I don’t think I have it in me to start over again. This blog is too big to move. Too many graphics, too many posts.

      But I really don’t have to like it!


  2. Goodness! My Blog is an adventure. What hits the screen is often not what I intended. Yesterday I posted the wrong song. Then my first image decided it would be HUGE and screwed up the whole page. And I don’t if anybody saw anything at all??? So I fixed all this up and reposted it. People must be rightfully wondering what the heck is going on over here? I really don’t know.


    • Their development department sucks. Big time. They just do stuff without bothering to figure out how it’s actually going to work for users. Actually, I don’t think they CARE about users at all, and THAT includes the high-priced “business users” who get to use the same crappy format too. I don’t even expect them to fix anything. It’s just a waste of energy. So I have a modest number of things I do and I don’t try anything new because a lot of the other stuff either doesn’t work at all OR doesn’t work the way they say it does.

      But I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate what they’ve done with graphics. It’s an insult to every photographer or graphic artist on this platform.


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