FOTD – August 27 – Draping Petunias

I took these the other day — and immediately forgot where I put the SD card. As it turns out, I put it in a different camera. I think it was because it’s a big chip and there wasn’t much on it. The problem is, when I do that I end up with an odd collection of pictures from wherever I was when I was shooting. I spent a lot of the day sorting photographs.

Petunias draping over the railing

At one point, I actually lost this month (August 2021) until I finally found it had moved and become a sub-folder under August 2020. Everything is back in place now. I found the pictures I was looking for as the card inside my birding camera. I would have hated losing the entire month.

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  1. My dear dad took photos of my 1st wedding. He not only managed to use the one film TWICE (he was greatly into ‘saving’! 🙂 – lol) but also did at one point not close the back of the camera completely. So we not only had no photos of two films (2 for one he said!) but also none of the 3rd….. Photos being expensive then, this young bride took that for a very bad omen! And she was right – it was!
    The 2nd person to take officially photos was my ex’s brother. Hence we had about 20 photos of HIS bride to be (the y wanted a double wedding but luckily for me the papers of the ‘other bride’ didn’t arrive in good time and they only got married some months later). Another omen….


  2. I have lost a whole vacation with my brother to Chicago. I know the panic. Nice when you find them. 🙂


    • I was lucky insofar as it was all in the house, so there were a limited number of places it could be. If it were a vacation, I’d probably NEVER have found it. It’s terrible to lose a whole vacation’s worth of pictures. I lost New Orleans when I (the ONLY time it ever happened), I dropped my camera and it shattered into a million pieces. So I have no pictures from a week in New Orleans — before Katrina, too.


  3. Well, heck, Marilyn – I think I’ve lost an entire year somehow. Oh, you mean photos! Mine are all still there, but in many cases I wish they weren’t. Maybe I could lend you one of my SD cards and then pretend the pictures are mine. (Of course, you’d also get MY photos that are already on that card, so probably it’s not a fair exchange.)


    • I’ve actually started poking around and deleting at least some photographs. For the space and also, at a certain point, one realizes that one isn’t going to process several hundred photos of birds from the back or with their head in a feeder 😀

      If you’ll figure out how to make my picture findable, I’ll do almost ANYTHING. Almost. Anything.

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  4. Beautiful photos of Petunias, Marilyn.


  5. Hi Marilyn, your comment that you’d ‘lost’ August made me smile. I’ve felt like that about the whole winter with the lockdown and covid wave. Very surreal. I love these pictures, they are beautiful. I’m glad you found them again.


    • I feel like I’ve lost a year and then some. And now, this super wet summer and the Delta variant and all those bizarre people who won’t get vaccinated have made this summer just like LAST summer. We were going to go out and take a few picture because it ISN’T raining, but it’s 100 degrees out there. You open the door and it hits you like a blast furnace.

      I was glad to find them. Because they were shot indoors or just on the deck, I figured I would — eventually. It took me two days, which isn’t bad. It could have taken years.

      Will life ever be normal in time for us to enjoy it?


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